a pique nique in town

met up with gen yesterday for what was to be, the last time for us enjoy a carefree night out in town. for the next 3 weeks, i will no long be able to be able to tell you what’s on the new arrivals display at Topshop. a tragic thought indeed.

nonetheless, at least we got to try out the new eatery at Taka called Pique Nique, which is at where Macdonalds used to be.

trying to be all pretentious with the french name

i think it opened quite awhile ago and the restaurant caught my eye as i was walking past because of it’s interior: it had the classic Antionette set-up, and wow, it turns out that it was opened by Chef Pang, whom is da boss of Antionette. contrary to Antionette, Picque Nique is determined to appeal with its affordably-priced menu.

chooby looking very in the zone with her vintage dress haha

we were only there for dinner, and i was craving for Eggs Benedict so bad. there’s something about being seated in vintage armchairs and being reminded about Eggs Benedict. must be from the unforgettable Wild Honey experience ❤

Classic Benedict $12, from their all-day long breakfast menu

it was a complete disappointment.

the fries were too salty and other than saltiness, there isn’t much taste in it. and it didn’t help that Pique.Nique was right next to KFC…….which we gave a miss because i was having a hacking cough.

there was something not quite right about the Eggs Ben. the poached eggs were served on regular ham. it had a very overpoweringly distinct taste of of egg and butter, like the hollandaise sauce had somehow separated phases.

went home and actually felt nauseous to the point of puking abit of my dinner out.

after a long look at their Hot Dog selection from their main menu (there was probably about 6 different kinds of Hot Dogs!), gen chose the Classic Hot Dog

the Classic Hot Dog, with pork sausage and rellish, served with their signature fries $8.50

when gen asked what “relish” was, the waitress could only reply as “it’s sour?“, with a raised intonation at the end because she was obviously unsure. ok nvm, i don’t blame her for not knowing what relish is, but surely she could’ve gone and asked someone else?

anyhow, relish turned out to be sour chopped pickles, which is the green bits that are stuffed on top of the sausage in the hot dog.

she gave me a piece of the hot dog to try and i really hated the combination of mustard and pickles. SOUR TTM!!!!

all in all, i failed to see why you should be paying $8.50 for something you could’ve gotten in Ikea for $2, and enjoyed better.

we didn’t have dessert because we were both stuffed! i initially thought that maybe Pique Nique would be more well-known for the delicious-looking pastries they have on their display. but reviews everywhere point out the fact that even the desserts are lacklustre, or tasteless, in some instances.

service was disappointing when it came to paying for our meal. when asked for the bill, the waitress told us to pay at the counter. because there wasn’t a receipt to take along with us for payment, we were asked for our table number at the cashier and it was so annoying to have to go back and look for our table number again.

i mean, all this would’ve been avoided if they had either provided us with a receipt like most other restaurants do when you are told to pay at the cashier, or the waitress directing us to pay there could’ve told her colleague to generate the bill for our table. the restaurant was EMPTY, and very small. come on man, it wouldn’t have killed you to take a few steps across to the cashier.

if only i had checked the HGW reviews before going in. the place is stinking bad of reviews from disappointed customers. i really hope they work on the menu, otherwise, it’s going to be replaced by Burger King soon.


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  1. actually it was the same pork sausage with six combinations of ingredients, including chicken and bacon haha. and i’m hungry now chooby.


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