hee hee here i am once again, shamelessly plugging my Cleo blog!

ever since joining the competition, i’m actually quite amazed what putting in time and effort into a hobby can really help to kill time on a boring night in!

i’ve also come to the realization about how avid cosmetic blogging advertisements are. pretty much anyone, and everyone, can receive sponsored goodies from a company and help them review/advertise it in return.

at what point do you stop being honest and start being a sellout?

as a result, i’ve become quite skeptical about what i read. and i don’t necessarily want to trust the review unless the blogger bought the product herself, or at least have pictures to demonstrate it’s effectiveness.

i took a look a the newly updated leader boards today and was humbled by my 9th placing even though i swear there is some technical glitch in the counting system. the competition has been going on for a month now, with 3 more to go before the finals, so maybe i still have a shot 😛


and if you have any ideas about products i can review, please drop a comment. most of the things i own are because i’ve heard good reviews about them from friends, rather than reading about them somewhere.

happy reading 😀


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