unexpected success

for years, we’ve been trying to force our dear friend ronald to be a man and overcome his dislike of alcohol. for the most part, he’s reluctant to give it a shot even though he hasn’t even tasted it, saying that it’s bitter, and likely to get him inebriated even though it’s just a little bit.

and then yesterday, while we were enjoying our dinner at Everything With Fries (holland V), he suddenly mused about the idea that if i treated him to a bottle of beer, he’d finish it all by himself.

haha we didn’t take him very seriously of course. his main motive was probably to take advantage of my offer to spend money on him (yes what nice friends i have…) but i wasn’t prepared to order a bottle only to have it wasted. so i told him that if he couldn’t finish it, he’d have to pay for both his and my bottles of beer.

and amazingly it WORKED!

well at the start he was making all sorts of faces even though i let him choose the beer of his liking, or rather, the beer that he hears is good but has never really tried it: Hoegarden, which is a very palatable beer for beginners who are unaccustomed to the bitter taste.

it took him a whole of 10 scaredy-cat sips, a whole lot of sniffing, and 20 whole minutes before the 4.5% alcholic liquid actually entered his buccal cavity…

the new way to drink a Hoegarden

halfway through the bottle, he started pretending to be drunk like how he sees people do it on TV. he even quipped in a deep, George Clooney-esque voice:

“I usually don’t drink. But when I do, I drink..Hoegarden”

it was so epic!!! i think this would give melinda some hope of eventually convincing him to step foot into a club. believe me, she’s been trying for ages and ages with offers of free entry, free drinks, free cab ride, not even needing to dance, or be in the club at all for the rest of the night…all to no avail.

thankful for weekly dinners like these where i get to forget about exams for a split second and enjoy myself 😀

sadly, i am now down with a nasty bout of pharyngitis from too much fried food, beer, and laughing at ronald.


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  1. HAHA that quote was really funny!! Cannot imagine.


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