one for all, and Four for one?

was recommended by my brother, who promised me it was the best movie of all time, to catch the Three Musketeers.

first of all, i had no idea it even came out because i’ve hardly seen any publicity trailers for it. apparently, Milla Jovovich had ranted on twitter awhile back that Summit Entertainment was focusing all the marketing resources on it’s other production, Breaking Dawn, instead.

but i took the initiative to watch the trailer on Youtube, and found it strange that the only actor i’d recognized from it was Orlando Bloom, and he ain’t even one of the musketeers.

anyhow, the movie failed to impress me. the visual effects were very obviously green-screened most of the time and the plot was abit too anti-climatic. instead, they seemed too focused on prolonging it enough for a second installation of the movie, without even creating a proper ending except that D’Artagnan gets the hot chick.

the hot chick in question is Gabriella Wilde, an English actress that would give that Transformers whats-her-name VS model a run for a money.

she's super pretty!!!

but then i found this photo of her…

and it only shows you how much make-up can really make a difference lol!

i found Logan Lermen’s (D’Artagnan) acting very lacklustre and his (lazy actor’s) American accent extremely out-of-place in a movie that is set in Venice. plus, he looks and he is actually 3 years younger than his love interest, Wilde. mismatched much??

the only redeeming qualities of the movie are the swordplay scenes, and the actors who play the real 3 musketeers. abs0lutely loved Mathew Macfayden (Arthos) very very deep voice tee hee!! i seriously had no idea he was Mr Darcy in the movie remake of Pride and Prejudice! the beard is very deceiving.

Mila Jovovich (Milady) was also very talented in her sultry, always finding ways to zip through obstacles unharmed, and still looking damn hot in her 30 pounds corset-dress at the end of it scenes.

publicity is so bad that i can't even find a good english movie poster on google image...

ok la it’s worth a watch, if you just ignore the annoying boy


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