tis the season for some coffee

was pleasantly greeted by a Christmas-decorated Starbucks when i was at Holland V yesterday to take the pain off studying diseased penises.

i’d nearly forgotten about Christmas until i stepped into Starbucks thanks to all the stress of exams and deadlines. i’m actually really looking forward to Christmas this year because for one, i get to spend it in somewhere other than a boring Singapore that doesn’t snow, and because it would be the end to everything miserable that ever happened this year.

but anyway what i wanted to talk about was the awesome return of the Starbucks Christmas drinks!!!!

ok i couldn’t find a picture of this year’s christmas poster. but they have a new drink, the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha.

my favourite remains to be the Peppermint Mocha ice-blended frap! but now with the weather going all crazy and thunderstorming every day, warm drinks seem so much more appealing. (anyway, that’s the closest anyone in Singapore can get to a “weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful” mood.) so i decided to stick with warm Toffee Nut Latte because i don’t know if warm Peppermint is a good idea.

i tried the Dark Cherry Mocha, but it had so much of the overpowering fake cherry essence that i found it quite gross. I wonder how the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha will fare!

anyway, i also got the new Starbucks Christmas card! inspired by nash, i’ve started collecting Starbucks Cards from all over the world. ok scrap that, actually just from the USA and Canada, and not me but with the help of Jeremy. one day when we have collected many many cards imma take a picture of them all! it’s really cool especially when you collect limited edition cards that won’t ever appear again.

the pretty christmas card with the sleeve that comes along with it FOC when you load the card with $30

so kewl i'll have a separate card holder just for my starbucks card!

what’s even better is that you can move the value of the old card to the new card online with a few simple clicks!

in other Starbucks-regarding agenda:

really looking forward to a whole lot more Starbucks coffee now that NUS has opened 2 outlets in campus. lucky year 1s, when i was your age, i only had Subway and that got me super excited already.

and when i can actually find the time, i’m going to zhng my starbucks tumblr with a Christmas-themed sleeve 😀




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