halfway mark

frivolous thought but i’m so glad i’ve crossed the halfway mark of the whole LDR biz! never doing this again though. simply don’t buy the bullshit they tell you about absence and a fonder heart.

today puts me at 2 months before i take a plane halfway around the world all on my own to meet Jeremy in NYC! the thought of it is giving me so much anxiety (of getting lost somewhere somehow because i have never travelled alone in my life) and excitement (HOLIDAYING IN NYC FOR BOTH CHRISTMAS AND THE NEW YEAR!!!1111).

pity that there’re still 3 more tests, 1 FYP presentation, 3 final exams, and a month’s worth of data collection at TTSH to get through before i get to the end of everything.

i also dont buy the bullshit that time flies while in an LDR. time does not fly when you are lonely grr. however, the only thing that is making time fly by is the load of schoolwork that i’ve been attending to every single day when i have nothing else to do.

but i am thankful for online shopping 😛

been stocking up on winter things for december, because i have none to begin with. went a little bit crazy over the past 2 months and look at the sheer number of winter things i’ve accumulated but can’t use at the moment.

F21 Purl knit scarf US$9.50

F21 thermal US$6.50

F21 Dolman Top US$11.80

a cute F21 beanie US$5.50, like how Blair wears them in Gossip Girl

Old Navy Boots that cost me a bomb of SG$60 (thanks to vpost shipping) but is apparently cheap for boots so okay...

Old Navy Fleece gloves - bought them in navy and black because one pair was $8.94, but buy two pairs and they become $5 each

couple of cute socks from topshop, for cold nights or wearing them in my boots

oh but the only difference is that i have been using the socks to lock in the foot moisturizer every night, and it’s especially useful when it gets chilly nowadays because of the rain. oh goodness it’s 24 degrees at night and i’m already all bundled up like a cocoon. what am i going to do at minus 2 degrees LOL!

ok definitely excitement > anxiety!

come on now, godspeed ahead!!!!!


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