what i’ve been up to

nothing much really 😛

which is why i have hardly anything to write about! i have been busy trying to fill the Cleo blog with as many posts as i can though. you can pardon this sad little space for the time being and busy yourself with reading stories about lip balm, cheek tint, and OPI


click click! (:

well, i did get out of the house yesterday to watch Real Steel

worth the weekend movie ticket price

this movie is packed with action right from the start, as we are introduced to the world of the future, where robot boxing has taken over the era of human boxing. fights in the boxing ring are now a match to the death. the only pain you will feel is one of losing hundreds of thousands of $$ spent on buying the robot or betting on it.

throw in a little mini-Bieber, a super hot Hugh Jackman, the ever so pretty Evangeline Lily, and the BIGGGGG….eyes of Olga Fonda, and bam! this show has suddenly got the appeal for all ages alike.

contrary to how cute everyone's gonna say the boy is, i think he's just annoying

Evangeline Lily, her super toned biceps have been my inspiration since the days of Lost!

other than that, the graphics of the robots are darn good. it’s like scaled-down transformers, with closer attention that is paid to the detail of the machines since it’s so close up. bet it’s gonna launch a huge market of boxing robot toys that little boys will be begging their parents to buy for Christmas or, in the Singaporean context, doing well for PSLE.

if you ignore how cliche the ending is, it’s definitely worth a watch!


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