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i’ve done something really insane at this time of year, when i’m supposed to be going full steam ahead into studying for my final year and ugh…doing FYP.

but i just decided to move out of my comfort zone for once and do something i’ll be able to learn a lot from.

what is it, you may ask?

i’ve made the decision, very much done on the spur of the moment, to join some blogging competition organized by Cleo. i’m so anxious about how it’ll turn out, pitting my blogging chops (or the lack of) against others out there who are not afraid to camwhore cute pictures of themselves trying out various skincare/makeup products.

well i dunno, i guess goes along the lines of something i’ve been interested in doing, yet never had to guts or the opportunity to pursue. but one shouldn’t always live so comfortably right?

go ahead, judge the first few entries i’ve popped into the newly-created Cleo blog:

while you’re at it, please refresh the page like 10 times because i get to win something if i get the most number of views at the end of each month. yea, it’s a long shot. but i’m just going to enjoy the process, because that’s the real thing that i signed up for (:


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  1. Yay gooo Michy I am your number one fan!!!!! Much rather read your funny entries than see camwhoring pictures of other people!! Good luck!! I go click a lot now sure win! HAHAHA ❤

  2. yayyy thanks melly! so sweet of you ❤


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