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last week, i was spending the money my dear friends pooled together on a topshop gift card for my birthday, and because my purchase exceeded $60, i received an invitation to the AW2011 Topshop fashion show that just happened this evening.

it was my first time attending a fashion show. and  it was exactly like how i had imagined it from watching runway shows on the tele. the fashion show took place next to the ION glass house, at the open space outside Louis Vuitton. and guests were required to RSVP before coming today. and sadly, because so many people were invited, you also had to be there at least 1 hour before the first fashion show started to get a good seat.

thankfully my mum immediately made her way down after work and she managed to secure us a good seat on the second row of benches- first row was reserved for VIPs. i only managed to make it at about 7pm, just half an hour before the show started. already the 4 benches were full, and there was a huge crowd of people standing around, trying to get the best view of the runway possible.

refreshments were also provided. i grabbed a glass of what looked like red wine on the way in. only to take a gulp of it and realize it’s plain ol’ coke. ngeh. my mum grabbed some popcorn which, by the time i got to eat it, was already lau hong. there was also some kebab sticks, but tasted more like eraser sticks.

then again, can’t expect much from a big scale event like this.

the show started promptly at 730pm, and the Topman models began swaggering out in various outfits from the AW collection. poor boys, in thick thick trench coats and sweaters, walking down the runway in Singapore’s humid weather plus the heat of a million spotlights illuminating the place.

digi camera shutter speed sucks. couldn't get a clear picture of the boys!

it took me a very long time to remember that i was at a fashion show to check out the outfits, not the models. regardless of the male or female models who strutted out, i was completely engrossed with checking them out instead of what they had on HAHA! i dunno! tall angmohs in symmetrical facial features are like real-life twilight vampires- completely mesmerizing!

what else was pretty cool was checking out the people who attended the fashion show. most, if not all, were so stylishly overdressed for an event that lasted barely an hour. i had to be in school before that, if not i would’ve taken the opportunity to go all out with heels of staggering heights as well. but you would’ve never imagined that Singaporeans can actually be this fashionable. (i guess that maybe i spend way too much time in pharmacy HAHA :P)

the Topshop models then took the stage to strut coats, blazers, and cardigans that were paired with buttcheek-flashing hot pants, stockings, and chunky boot-heels. was picking out some tips on to wear winter clothes, because i’ll be heading to freezing NYC in Dec, but really…hot pants and stockings are only going to give me frost-bitten limbs.

they are literally stick thin.....

all the models’ hair were flat-ironed and tied in a thin, low ponytail. can’t remember where i saw that being done (in another fashion show) before, supposedly being a trendy hairstyle for fall. but come on man, if you wore that kind of a hairstyle to school, people will just mistake you for a PRC.

what i did like about the fall collection though, was the stockings!! so kewl! dunno if you can see the model on the left, who is wearing stockings that look like knee-length socks, with some ribbon designs on the thigh as well. gonna get myself one of those before i go over to nyc!

following the fashion show, we headed to the Topshop store at ION to enjoy an “exclusive 20% VIP shopping”. gosh there was nothing exclusive or VIP about 500 people cramming into the store at one time. it is 10 times worse than h&m!!! luckily i found the top in my size that i tried the other day and quite liked, so i just paid for it and left.

oh but not before collecting the free goodie bag!

colourful topshop totes in bright pop colours!!!!!

inside was a bottle of mineral water, topman shades, and a topshop black beaded purse. none of the items interested more than the tote did!!!

yay this is going to be my favourite tote bag, next to the one gen got me for my bday! 😀

what a cool experience! am so glad i got to go (:


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