purine indulgence

pardon the title of the entry, for i just sat for a pharmacotherapy paper 2 days ago and still have enough of the Gout lecture in my head to use it in normal conversation- today this neat little knowledge was used to dispel shaun’s misconception that only “old, dying men” get gout.

ironically though, all of us were indulging in a bowl of delicious bakuteh at the famous Rong Cheng bkt stall at Block 22 Sinming Road.

pork ribs and, in my opinion, the best part of the whole dish: the REFILLABLE soup

i don’t exactly like pork ribs because i find the meat too tough. although beside me was this crazy big wild dog that camps by the bakuteh stall and devours up the same pork rib bone i take 5 minutes to savour within seconds.

from the corner of my eye it looked like a normal stray cat, and then i got a shock when it came up next to me and was BIG AND MASSIVE

i still like Founder Bakuteh (the one along Balestier road) better because you can choose another part of the pig, which has more tender meat. the soup there is slightly more salty but spicier, which is really shiok. the salted vege at Rong Cheng seemed rather bland as well, and so did their limp you tiao slices. overall i think imma still go back to Founder to satisfy my bakuteh craving next time.

after lunch, i brought them to Salted Caramel D’Artisan, like how i bring anyone who comes over to Thomson for good food.

unlike all the other home-made ice-cream shops that have sprung up over the last 5 years or so, i really enjoy having dessert at Salted Caramel because it’s CHEAP!! for $2.50 a scoop of ice-cream, its really alot more value-for-money compared to the other places that charge $3+ for a miserable scoop of ice-cream.

their signature ice-cream flavour is Salted Caramel of course, but i find it a little too sweet for my liking. my favourites are Horlicks and Tim Tam, Earl Grey and Chocolate Stout.

Horlicks and Timtam, Lychee, and Nutella. 3 scoops in a cup for just $7!!

again, loving the whiteness of the store design!

i think if you come at the right time (at night), you get to see some really cute ice-cream servers. hahahaha just saying…

aww the last we'll see of shaun until 1.5 years later! what a LDF man!

do give Salted Caramel d’Artisan a try! it’s located along the Prata House row of shops, 2 shops down from Prata House if i’m not wrong!

highlight of today was meeting Molly! hahah thanks Shaun for bringing her! i hope she had fun and wasn’t too weirded out by Ronald.


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