a mid autumn celebration

despite the PSI score hitting sky high and barely being able to breathe in the immense haze from one very inconsiderate neighbour that loves to burn trees, we kept up with the plan to celebrate the mid autumn festival at west coast park.

went to buy these cheap 60 cents lanterns from the party shop at holland V

plus sparklers! which is bound to provide more fun than the lanterns, even if you have a state-of-the-art battery-operated angry bird lantern coupled with electronic music to the tune of party rock anthem.

$4 for 6 boxes of these! not bad eh

it took us awhile to figure out how to work the traditional candle lantern LOL. gosh i wouldn’t remember man, considering how i’ve shunned these cheapo lanterns in favour of the battery-operated ones that are so so much cooler haha!

but thank goodness for steph, and her brilliant memory from lantern-playing days as a child, she refreshed our memory on how to use candle wax to stick the candle onto the base of the lantern.

bet you forgot how to stick the candle in also

keeping with the theme of the night, i also brought a mooncake from home to share with them. ronald, who doesn’t like mooncakes, asked if the one i had was a “lotus root” mooncake.

wow really, they have those? LOL

hahaha oops there weren't many lanterns in manly colours when i bought them

i successfully taught renard how to take brilliant sparkler-drawing photos with the Tv mode on his dslr so we all took turns having fun tracing letters in the air.

when all the sparklers were finished, ronald got bored and went on to burning things like a Sumatran native instead.

gosh look at what happened to the pretty lantern

burning leaves next. soon it'll be the whole of WCP and a whole magnitude of increase in Singapore's PSI


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