using scissors on my crafts give me joy

was feeling in the mood for making some handmade stuff today, so after a very enjoyable lunch with gen at Jones the Grocer (the eggs ben there is just divine), she and i went to get materials for my handicraft project!

my loot!... from all those craft shops that are really just looking to rip you off

bought the plain pencil case from Muji at $7.90 each. they’re having a 15% for every 2 stationary items now so woopee for me! the brown buttons on the extreme left are from daiso, the other two sets of buttons are from the paper market-like place at wheelock level 3, cost something like $5.90 or $6.90 each man. the felt apples are also from daiso!

spent $15 on buttons only to come home and realize my mum has a whole stash of them.... -.-

after some hard work of stitching (very messily done but who cares)…


and on the other side!

ok i admit it looks rather girly but i made it for jeremy!!! hahaha but considering the amount of effort it takes to sew numerous buttons in, multiple occasions of nearly pricking myself with the needle, and also a significant effort on the part of my eyes, he is very very obligated to use it πŸ˜›

just kiddingggg! πŸ˜›

(not really…)


yea if you thought that was girly, wait till you see mine:


well i like it (:

what an accomplishment! πŸ˜€

not bad for an evening’s work, and definitely something interesting for a change! besides, i was too drowsy from the antihistamine to do any productive studying πŸ˜›


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  1. SO NICEEE the pencil boxes!!!! I still haven’t replaced my 7 year old dirty pencil box yet ):


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