the real swedish deal

with the epic opening of H&M last weekend, suddenly Singaporeans know that the swedes are actually famous for alot more than just Ikea. i was over there on monday with my mum, and spent most of the time queueing for one thing or the other. i had to queue to get in (5 mins), queue to try on clothes (20 mins), and queue to pay (15 mins).

waiting for the change rooms was the worst because they only have 12 change rooms per floor, and each person is allowed to bring in up to 7 pieces at a time. but even if you have more than 7 items, you can leave them outside and come out to swap it later without having to re-queue. so it was extremely frustrating for someone like me who only found 2 tops to try grrrrr!

in the end i bought a plaid shirt (a tad bit late into the plaid trend, but whatever, it’s still cool), and some leather bracelets. the accessories there are decently-priced with unique designs, not like Diva or F21 that just seem to be copying what the other brands are selling.

other than H&M, i also did something else Swedish this week! becky found a nice cafe along Arab St for a place to have a belated birthday celebration for me! it’s called Fika Cafe, and it’s owned by a Swedish guy and (duh..) serves all things Swedish!

somehow, cafes with alot of white all around seem to appeal to me

lots of hip young people here at night!

nat ordered this swedish chocolate milk!

with nash and suelynn!

the only swedish food i know: swedish meatballs!!!! it's served with their own home-made cream sauce and lingonberry jam, plus with mixed salad at the side

doesn’t taste as good as the ikea meatballs leh. the texture of the meatballs is like harder and more disintegrated. plus, its like $16.90, which is easily twice or three times the price you pay in Ikea for the same portions. haha maybe i should’ve tried some other dish, so that i wouldn’t be comparing with the commercialized food that Ikea serves.

aww my birthday cake ๐Ÿ˜€ caramel cheesecake with some nuts on top!

somehow, this tasted slightly different from other cheesecakes i’ve had (won’t beat the Japanese one though). unlike the rest, the base of the cake is…well…more of a mooncake skin-like texture rather than a hard solid base. i think you would enjoy it more if you have a sweet tooth, but i found it a bit too sweet with the caramel sauce draped on top of it.

thanks guys for all the fun and laughter all these years in pharmacy!!

you can check our their menu here!

it’s quite kewl nowadays, all these atas cafes with their creative web design. super useful when referring back to find out the name of the dish you had but forgot to take note off at the point of ordering.

i’d go back again! but for tea, because i heard the tea and cakes are actually quite good. they have a teatime special from 3 to 6pm: $9.90 for a cake and regular coffee, or $11.90 for cake and a pot of tea!

do go try it out, its located at Arab St, near Beach Road!


anw i feel really lucky to have friends who take time off their busy schedules of FYP and crazy pharmacy cores, to have a celebration dinner with me! they also got me a topshop credit gift card as a bday present! ๐Ÿ˜€ so exciting! really can’t wait to use it! and i’ll now have to perfect excuse to shop even though i am supposed to be saving alot of money for New York and driving ๐Ÿ˜›


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