The Black Sheep Cafe

on the day of my birthday, my mum text me to meet her at a specified location for a mysterious dinner. so after school, i took a train ride down to Little India MRT, navigating through the rush hour crowds on a friday evening, and met my parents at The Verge.

my mum proceeded to lead the way, and after walking a short distance, we arrived at a quiet street opposite a mosque. and the first one along the row of shops was the secret destination

the black sheep cafe

it’s a very small restaurant, seating a max of about 20 customers or so. and the whole place is filled with nothing but sheep-related things. there’s a strange patch of sheep wool hung above the entrance, loads of sheep figurines on a wooden book shelf, sheep paintings, sheep magnets; ok i know you get the idea already.

written on the front of the menu is the restaurant’s claim that they don’t charge GST or service charge, which is always a plus when dining out. upon flipping open the 2 page menu, i was sorely disappointed by the severe lack of variety in the dishes. the main course had like 4 items, 2 of which they only specify as the “chef’s special for the week”. luckily my mum was recommended to this place by her colleague, who already told her which of the dishes were a must-try, and so we made a point to order them:

their soup of the day: Truffle Mushroom soup $8.50

served with 4 petite slices of thickly-spread garlic bread, this was one of my favourite dishes in the meal because it had truffle mushrooms!!!! and alot of them too.

next up, from their appetizers menu, a must-try

Baked Brie Cheese served with crushed fruits compote, $12.50

yes i’m quite sure that it looks nothing like cheese in the picture. my dad was still very convinced that the dish was meat even after we had finished the meal haha! tastes like cheese though, and went very well tgt with a piece of it with the frozen tangerines/pomelo/grapefruit slices at the side. something interesting for a change!

the chef's special main course for the week: Red Snapper draped in some sauce and served with salad, $22.50

my dad had the fish. i tried abit of it and it was very bouncy and fresh! however, my dad said he found it rather bland after awhile.

now for the most popular main dish, which my mum and i had, that everyone on hungrygowhere will recommend you to eat when you come to this place

Duck Confit with Apple Roesti, served with mango relish, $22.50

the duck is perfection to the T: a thin layer of cripsy skin on the outside (that seriously melts in your mouth), and a soft tender meaty interior that comes off the bone so easily. paired with the mango relish, it’s like the ultimate genius way of eating duck.

i highly recommend this dish, it’s that good…

for dessert, we ordered:

Tiramisu; have you ever seen tiramisu with freshly cut strawberries and almonds on it? interesting idea!

inspired me to make tiramisu once again. now if only i could find the time or the motivation….tee hee!

the famous Kahlua Souffle, which is spelt e with a 2nd hanyupinyin symbol HAHA

ok i admit i had no idea what a souffle was when we ordered it, and neither did my parents. so when they served the coffee ice-cream, we were all ready to accept the fact that it was a souffle and started taking photos of it. and when the mega big muffin on the right arrived, we were like OHHHH…..

i don’t like souffle leh. dunno why people like it so much. it tastes so eggy and sweet. had  to eat alot of the coffee-flavoured ice-cream to rid the egg taste from my mouth. needless to say, i really didn’t know where the kahlua was in the kahlua souffle..

posing with a very vibrant sheep portrait specially designed for the restaurant

had an awesome 22nd altogether (:

oh btw did i mention, that i got a mattress for my birthday? hahaha!!! finally convinced my parents, after the longest time, that i needed to move from a single to a super single because i have no space to roll around at night! thankfully for the Courts $50 voucher i won by tweeting on the #iamsingaporean trend, i was finally able to get my mattress! can’t wait for it to come on the 12 of sept!


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