22 with a bang

i had been craving for some korean BBQ meat ever since i returned from Korea and came to realize that it is simply over-freaking-priced and never as nice tasting as it was back there.

on the other hand, 2d1n soju bang is opened by a bunch of smart koreans who know that singaporeans have been craving for the real thing at affordable prices. it costs $20++ per pax, but it’s a free flow buffet of all the meat you can eat in the world.

there are long queues waiting to go in for their first buffet seating at 530pm, so you have to go early and put your name down on the waiting list at about 5pm or even earlier if you want to be one of the first. i made the mistake of going at 7pm the first time, and had to wait until 9pm to go in. by then, i was starving to the point that i could literally swallow a cow.

being bored while waiting outside so i decided to take some scenic shots!

located at 44/46 tanjong pagar road, their characteristic orange really stands out along the row of shophouses

once we were in, we split up and allocated each person to take plates and pile on as much meat as the plate would take.

ready to begin the feast! including bbqing kenny's photobombing fingers

yummy pork chops! and a lone sausage which i dont like but the guys do...

some ice cold korean beer to go well with bbq meat 😀

after 3 hours of sitting there and chatting over bbq, we were completely saturated with the smell of oil which was everywhere- in my hair, on my clothes, on my camera strap, and all over the guys’ crumpler bags. full to the brim of course, we left the buffet and got on a train at Tanjong Pagar MRT to head to City Hall for dessert. it was a very awkward being the stinkiest people in there, and it really felt like the longest 2 train stops in my life.

at ben and jerry’s raffles city, they surprised me with a small box that obviously contained a very yummy bday cake inside! i was feeling so overwhelmed with emotion until i opened the box and found this…

the sight of it just stunned me to silence

and that’s when the barrage of complaints started being hurled at kenny for buying it at Jurong point and bringing it around with him for the past 4 hours even though the sticker label on the box specifically said “to be refrigerated” LOLLLL.

again, they brought up the fact that this is something you should NEVER encounter when you are aiming to impress a girl. but the only comfort they provided kenny was that it was “still ok to experiment with” me, but not with his future target. well thanks, that makes me feel like a slut, metaphorically of course….

but no….joel was so kind to exclaim in a voice that was loud enough to inform the entire audience in Raffles City ben and jerry’s that, “IF YOU ARE A SLUT, YOU ARE A SLUT!!!! DONT NEED TO ACT INNOCENT”

well kenny, F for effort, but A for the thought la 😛 but next time, a girl celebrating her birthday does expect something that looks a lot more like a cake, not a yellow mush slouching on the side of the cake box.

thanks friends for making my 22nd birthday so memorable! (:

and to joel, for shouting inappropriate things at an exceptionally loud voice at the wrong time.

had such a blast nonetheless!!! got my present, which was a starbucks tumbler YAY! will put up the picture of the finished product once i design the exterior one of these days i’m free. my meal at 2d1n Soju Bang was also kindly sponsored by the guys. thanks alot pals! (((:


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