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shaun finally found the time amid his busy schedule of a part time job and being part of the “flash mob”-like event that took place at boon lay MRT yesterday- involving him and a girl pretending to have a fine-dining experience in the middle on a crowded walkway outside Jurong point, with waiters and even someone playing the guitar to serenade the experience.

i wasn't kidding you...

on the train ride back later, renard kept sounding rather envious of the interesting life that shaun leads. i wonder if he’s hoping that our next class outing be something along the lines of this…

but it is kinda cool if you think about it. i only wish i had more time and the enthusiasm to be part of something like that.

anyway, i digress. i meant to talk about the lunch we had this afternoon, where on kenny’s recommendation, we met at Clarke Quay with the intention of going to have some good Indon food.

but first of all, he didn’t know what the name of the restaurant was, and claimed to only know it by its location. when he led us to the place he thought the restaurant would be at, he realized it had been replaced by Breeks…

for the next 5 minutes, he was bombarded  by the three of us, most of it by renard and shaun about how this completely would not do if he were on a date with a girl. which amused me at the thought of how the first date is so romanticized in the minds of these evergreen guys, ok well with the exception of shaun, who would probably improvise on the spot and pull it off with a public fine dining experience.

it was me who saved the day, and brought them to Tampopo at Liang Court for my favourite Koumi Fry Black Pig Ramen!!!

i cannot emphasize more that this IS the best ramen in Singapore

we also got a free DSLR lesson from shaun the pro, who taught us about ISO, exposure, light metering, prime lenses, and how to take a photo that makes my arm look less flabby.

i nearly got ripped to pieces by him for using S sized photos on a DSLR lol!!! fine, it’s size L from now on…though i really don’t see the difference leh.

i brought the guys later to Nectarie le’Dessert Patisserie for dessert- yea talk about a girl pwning all of them if i were the one planning a first date

Cappuccino Mocha Mousse $6.50

Granny Smith Apple Crumble, $7

i had this on 2 occasions that i was at Nectarie, and i’d recommend it for people who like apple pie/crumble! i personally don’t enjoy apple crumble, so i found it a tad bit too sour for my liking. i reckon it would’ve tasted better warmed and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream though.

Crunchy Hazelnut Feullit $6.50

i had the crunch hazelnut feullit! which has a soft layer of mousse-like cake on the top, and a crunchy layer of chocolate biscuit at the bottom. it has just the perfect amount of richness to it, and goes really well with the raspberry (?) sauce drizzled around it. with that, was $6.50 of goodness down into my well-pampered stomach.

the only complaint i had about the place is their bad service. there’s only one dude (with a kiam pa face) manning the place when we went in the afternoon, and he’s super inattentive! when it came to taking our orders, he totally missed out 2 cakes and when we asked him for it, he gave us a DL face and said that we didn’t tell him we wanted it. not even a single word of sorry for the mistake. ugh…

chilling al-fresco style and people-watching like what the french do best

with shaun, whom we will not see for another 1.5 years after he leaves this time around...


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  1. So, noticed any difference with the L photos?


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