good sushi and company

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took advantage of the 5 day long weekend to meet at Genki Sushi yesterday with the girls for lunch.

with the exception of mag, none of us had ever eaten here before. so she was explaining to us how to go about ordering off the Ipad that they place on a charging dock at each table. seriously damn high tech la the place, there are probably like 20 different Ipads in the restaurant, and each of the staff all have an ipod to take down orders as well!

the amazement doesn’t end there either, after you place your order, a toy race car comes cruising by noisily to your table, on a lane just above the conveyor belt, with your plate of sushi delivered!!!

each car has slots to hold 3 plates of sushi! how kewl is that

after you take your food off the plate, you press a button just on top of the panel to bring the toy car back to the kitchen. cute ttm man!

my favourite sushi of all was this!

salmon belly with some mayo sauce on top of it. the salmon is super soft wahhh damn shiok, the kind that will melt in your mouth

chawanmushi! which wasn't too bad either

so happened we were colour coordinating!

after that i joined renard and kenny to be poser SMU kids and study in their comfortably air-conditioned corridors with ample study benches and powerpoints located 1 metre distance away from each other. deprived NUS student like me was so amazed at the number of empty seats available! but i guess that’s what you get from paying exorbitant school fees and for a shorter duration of the school term too: awesome facilities for any member of general public (with an SMU friend) to leech on 😛 😛 😛

armed with a cup of caramel macchiato from the nearest Starbucks at The Cathay (basket, dont even need to take shuttle bus, unlike the Starbucks in NUS) studying was productive!

joined ronald and steph later for dinner at Din Tai Fung, and went to chill at Coffeebean OC to play Bang. we are such creatures of habit; seriously need to find new things to do, which is why renard (the newest to own a DSLR) suggested us going for a photo-taking trip next time at the Botanic Gardens, with ronald as our model HAHA.


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