east to west

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have been spending far too much time in the west lately, with us playing badminton at clementi sports stadium and then heading to ronald’s house afterwards to chill and play Bang and Saboteur.

when we get bored with those, we play Little Big Planet on the PSP2. having never grown up with a game console, it took me awhile to get the hang of using the controller. and me playing with 3 other guys is the worse way to start learning how to play a game on PSP.

most of the time, i am the liability in this game that really requires teamwork otherwise your team mates will die. but in a rare occasion, when everyone else has died and i am the last remaining survivor who hasn’t attempted anything cos i’m too noob and am waiting for someone else to clear the stage before i do, i end up surprising everyone and saving all their asses by getting to the next revival check point.

the rag doll characters are super cute!

well but other than all that, and a nearby west coast park, there is really nothing to do in West Coast. and it also makes me miss hanging out in the east every weekend ):


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