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it’s funny how the anticipation and the wait is the hardest and the longest when you’re approaching the day you dread the most.

just like studying for an exam, i was very fixated on preparing myself in every possible way for this day to come, and how i’d cope for the next 4 months with jeremy on the other side of the world in a different time zone.

and as the day got closer; 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, it gets more and more nerve wrecking because it feels like i’m leaping off a cliff and i dont know for sure what’s going to be on the other end.

as time kept running out, i forced myself to treasure every precious minute, every special moment and everywhere we went together just to make sure i collected enough memories to last me for 4 months.


at the airport, i was all ready to launch into my plan for the next 4 months, part of which was an absolute ban on any crying (terribly embarrassing), and i succeeded YAY 😀

with his parents!

it’s day 2 now, and i think i’m actually doing better than i expected. have been packing my day full to the brim by going out with friends, giving tuition, studying for FTT, organizing a spree, etc etc. so it’s really not that lonely at all!

after almost a year of worrying myself silly about this 4 months, i feel somewhat liberated, because i realized that it’s really not bad at all! in a good way, not in a way that implies i’m so relieved to have finally gotten rid of him hahahaha!

hopefully i’ll achieve alot of things on my own in the next 4 months and learn to be truly truly independent!

i passed BTT with full marks for a start 😀 and signed up for my first ever driving lesson in end Aug! meanwhile, going to go out as much as i can in the next week before FYP kicks into full force and saps my life away :X



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