the last last buffet (for real)

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my brother had the rare opportunity to be able to book out punctually and enjoy almost an entire day off on his birthday today! so my mum booked a reservation at the Carlton Hotel’s Cafe Mosaic dinner buffet for the whole family plus jeremy, who was going to leave the next day for Toronto.

yet another buffet to look forward to!

we were really lucky because it was durian season and they were having a special durian extravaganza portion at the desserts section, serving (as you would’ve imagined) everything and anything you can possibly make from durian. sucks for people who hate durian, but heaven for people like us who do!

more on that later, including pictures. but first, i’ll have to say that this has to be one of the biggest buffet spreads i’ve ever seen, apart from the famous buffet at the Line that i’ve yet to go.

it’s $58++ but right now if you use a UOB card for this Durian dinner buffet: 1 person eats for free with every 3 paying diners, alternatively, 15% off (valid until 15 Aug 2011)


we started out with the salads and sushi table. a buffet never feels complete if you don’t spam enough of the salmon sashimi. likewise, we had a plateful of them thick juicy pieces. yum!

taking some salad! with a dodgy guy photobombing me...

duck sushi. i just realized i forgot to eat this omgggg regret!

weird tasting sushi with some red paste on top of it

waldorf salad, which i quite liked because it was refreshing to have apples in my salad for a change

unagi sushi!


and then it was CHEESE TIME.

sadly, their selection of cheeses did not include Brie, which is the only one i have acquired a taste for. meanwhile, i ate the ones they had there anyway, despite the fact that all of them were equally pungent.

still on the way to acquiring it's unique taste...for now, i had to wash it down with alot of water after that

emmental cheese, which i really failed to finish because it was so gross!

pork salut, even though cheese does not come from pigs...right?

well at least now i’ve learnt how to appreciate the cheese section in the buffets i go to!



mee siam, that you can order from the mee siam counter and add in your own ingredients, including bouncy prawns!

grilled chiKIN wingZZ!!! 😀

the skin was grilled to perfection, but some of the wings that we took were abit raw on the inside. so still pales in comparison to the ones in Newton FC i suppose.

mini spring rolls and ngor hiang, which were so-so only


it was a great accomplishment for me this time around because i actually managed to finish close to 70% of the whole buffet spread! i left just enough stomach space for phase 2, and the most important phase of a buffet: DESSERTS!!!

chekkit out!!! couple of mousses that were not named so i can't really tell which was what

because we were so full, we only dug out a spoonful from each of them and didn't bother finishing the rest of it

strawberry cheesecake

and now, here comes the durian extravaganza!!!

all made with durian!

durian pudding with pistachio chantilly. super yummy, it's like durian moosh at the base of the spoon and topped with whatever pistachio chantilly is. it's kinda crunchy, like croutons!

durian cones! so cute right!! it's like those little kiddy biscuits, except with durian-flavoured cream inside!

durian pengat: which is really solid durian moosh peeled off nicely from the seeds for your convenient eating pleasure

durian jackfruit tart, which wasn't very pleasant...

their signature durian cake! which was running out really fast so i quickly cut myself a slice before it was all snapped up! it's really good too!!!

aww it's gonna be half a year later before anymore buffets together!

had a cuppa from their coffee machine, and this is why i am very awake and still blogging at this time of night

all of us together with the 19 year old birthday boy!!

in less than a month’s time, it’ll be MY bday! wonder what’s in store for me then- maybe a HUGE surprise package with loads of presents, handpicked and shipping from Toronto 😀


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