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we celebrated my pseudo birthday yesterday with an overpriced brunch at Wild Honey in Mandarin Gallery. i suppose if you think about brunch being able to cover two meals at a go, it’s probably justified for one to pay such exorbitant prices for a meal. but after all, a meal is still a meal, and to me, brunch is really just an overrated way of simply saying that you skipped breakfast and had lunch early.

nonetheless, i’ve heard plenty of reviews about this place (good and bad) and wanted to see what it was like to eat overpriced early-lunch for a day.

the place itself has a very nice interior: very cosy and quaint, with dim lighting and an assortment of floral-patterned armchairs and couches all around. on the whole, a very homely feel and i can really see how one can kick back, relax, and indulge in your brunch.

it serves a variety of breakfasts from all over the world. you can check out their menu here

i tried taking a photo of the menu that was written on their chalkboard but the waitress told me photography of the menu is not allowed. weird…

anyhow, breakfasts are mostly priced at $18 for a set. if you want to add on a coffee or latte, that is separate and costs about $5 to 6.

brunch is never complete without coffee, but we went Starbucks later to get coffee, and luckily we did too, because their card machine was spoilt and i couldn’t get my 2 drink points into my card. and to make up for it, they gave me 2 free Tall drink coupons instead. SHIOKZX!!!

we had their 2 most famous speciality breakfasts

Tunisian: "A sizzling pan of red pepper, onion and tomato concise (stew) studded with sliced chorizo sausage and crowned with two fried eggs"

yolk in the sunny side up is still runny and when mixed with tomato and tender pork sausages, it works out to be a combination that is so so salivation-inducing. i bet you’re feeling hungry right now just looking at the pictures and reading the words. at least i am!

also served with a small bowl of Tunisian salad (bell peppers and tomatoes) and 2 huge pieces of toasted bread.

European: "Wild Honey's version of Eggs Benedict. Two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms and prosciutto on toasted homemade brioche and hollandaise sauce"

eggs ben are my FAVOURITE! so are sauteed mushrooms and proscuitto. put all of that on top of delicious toast spread with some of that very nice sauce that i can’t pronounce = a food orgasm ❤

another look at the most awesome breakfast in the world!

i love it so much that i’ll gladly pay $18 to eat this again some time in the near future. it’s the best breakfast i’ve ever had!

all those pastries in the cake stands go for like $10++ per slice. freaking EX!

awww! i've always wanted one of these pretty handmade stuff on my wall/shelves!

dont know if you notice, but there’s a tiny stuffed heart at the top right corner that swear is plucked out from one of his old stuffed toys cos he refuses to tell me where he got it from.

there’s also a hand-painted rose picture (slightly out of the photo) that’s really quite impressive for someone who’s never had any training in art!

aww man i’d love to ditch year 4 and take 4 months off to go relax in Canada, but duty as a FYP student calls ):

trying to fit myself into his luggage. haha still got space for some toiletries ok!


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