hanging out in shunfu

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with shaun back, i have better pulling power when persuading the gang to come over to Thomson to hang out here.

so shaun the foodie did his duty and located a possible place for us to have lunch on a National Day: cheap, good dimsum (according to hungrygowhere) at Hua Nam Restaurant.

located along upp thomson road, same stretch as prata house!

this really ancient and dirty looking restaurant is actually a coffeeshop, much to the dismay of the westsiders, who were perspiring in the afternoon heat after having travelled from all the way across the island.

but shaun’s theory is that the dodgy places are the good places. unfortunately, this dingy place had like a whole crowd of people waiting to be seated. apparently it’s quite famous and so i was really curious to see if the standard of dimsum was really restaurant-worthy!

took about 15 mins of waiting around before we found a table. to order, we had to the front of the stall to pick whatever we wanted. sending ronald and kenny as representatives for our table, they came back with this:

already i spot yam cake and some chili fishcake that i will never ever go near in a dimsum restaurant!

pork ribs! a tad bit bland, and not much meat to it

char siew bao was good! i remember my parents always buying back home for breakfast 😀

the dubious yamcake that SUCKED. and the person who was responsible for taking it didn't even eat any of it!

happy cos mel managed to satisfy her dimsum craving

well granted the meal was cheap: $8.50 per person for a very very filling meal. but the quality of the food ain’t restaurant-standard at all. variety also very limited- other than those few dishes, there wasn’t very much else to eat.

so after that i brought them to the Baker’s Story, near Ice-kimo, where i indulged in their famous cheesecake brownie that i’ve been addicted to ever since my mum bought it back home for the first time when they opened.

solid bits of cheese moulded in between a rich chocolatey brownie: YUMZZZ $2.20 a slice. you can even buy a small whole cake for $20 i think!

this is their yummiest creation, in my opinion, but they have other flavours like regular chocolate brownie, some berry brownie, chocolate truffle cake, and alot more!

following that, i brought the bunch of them into my house and we played Taboo in my stuffy, aircon-less bedroom. but i’m sure it was worth it for them cos when my parents came home, they were treated to a bowl of rockmelon each and brownies! shiok rightttt!

first time i’ve had a party over in my house. no one has brought that many people over all at one shot before! hoepfully it won’t be the last as well! 😀


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