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after constant requests week after week to go clubbing, i finally buckled under the peer pressure and decided to squeeze in abit of fun and havoc on a saturday night.

the main perk of the night was free entry into a new club over at Odeon Towers called Soul (used to be the old Supperclub), and cheap drinks. that seemed to sway me right over my rule of no-weekend-clubbing – simply because i find that money is better spent on good food or a nice pair of shoes, which brings me to my next point.

i was clucking along happily in my old pair of C&K sandals just before heading over to Odeon towers, when suddenly i heard an odd double cluck in my usual step. that was when i looked down and realized that the entire  heel had detached from the sole and was hanging out precariously from the little bit that was stuck to it.

gosh, major crisis!!! had to limp all the way to the nearest shoe shop in Citilink to get a new pair of shoes that had to fit a particular criteria: “cheap, comfortable, clubbing heels”

was unsuccessful at pretty fit, and had to limp abit more to Charles and Keith- thank god for the giant store over at Citilink. that’s where i found a pair of tan, suede heels (clubbing heels: check) that were on sale (cheap: check), albeit 5 inches tall but didn’t seem to have the potential for any blisters (comfort: check).

sadly, i did not consider the fact that i would be standing on them all night and my ankles (weakened from prior spraining accidents) would be hurting the shit out of me and i’d be literally crippled by the end of the night. my third toes on both feet are also slightly purple now thanks to being squashed against the front of the shoe.

no pain, no gain.

well i “gained” cos the heels were fabulous (no regrets buying them), and i was, smugly, alot taller than alot of the guys in there who were trying too hard to look cool.


onto the cheap booze. we opened a bottle of havana club rum for $140, had a bunch of pretty girls give us free vodka shots, including a round of tequila shots courtesy of melinda, a jaggerbomb each, and after that we were pretty much hangover style yo!

will never drink that much again, especially since i am far from the 20 year old self who partied even with school at 8am the next day.

nonetheless, i’ve not had that much fun in ages!!! if my shoes hadn’t limited me, i could’ve lasted all night long! music at Soul was hiphop, rnb and pop. at one point i was jumping at some really epic song and i regretted it soon after because my feet felt like they were about to give up on me.

they were also going round giving out free finger torches! it’s like improvised lightsticks for bengs who enjoy doing weird hand gestures along to dance music. instead, the whole club ended up doing all these weird hand gestures to just about any genre of music, just because we all had all these free torches strapped onto our fingers haha!

(melinda i hope you kept my finger torch, i still want it back cos its so kewl!!)


no photos from the night because my feet hurt too much to have to go to the lockers, get my camera, and come back into the club HAHA!

really fun though!! gonna miss clubbing with mel and jeremy!!!


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  1. Aw, no word of thanks for the guy who invited you? Tsk, Mich. 😉 Anyway, come for the jazz on thursday night – Melinda and her new guy is coming, and I’m sure Jeremy will enjoy it as well.


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