the first time i K-ed

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ronald was keen for us to try something new, so instead of our usual card-playing sessions, we followed him to a dodgy alley in chinatown, went into a dodgy looking stairwell and up to the third dodgy floor, where there was a Karaoke studio.

i guess the most attractive part of the place was the fact that you could sing for 5 hours straight (7pm to 12am) at only $10 per pax. oh, and the fact that we could dapao our own dinner from the nearby chinatown hawker centre into the room.

at first i thought we’d be bored by 8pm, but the moment we started singing, we were addicted. well, at least i was. ronald, the person who encouraged us to go by saying that “it’s best to kbox with other people who can’t sing, so nobody sounds stupid“, ended up wowing us with his hidden vocal prowess that for awhile after he debuted, nobody dared to sing into the microphone.

nonetheless, once everyone got the hang of letting loose and zaoxia-ing without a care in the world, it became super duper fun! by 8pm my voice box was giving up on me and had to switch to drinking honey water (did i mention also that for $10 per pax, you get free-flow drinks?!??!) as a sore throat prophylaxis.

the boys also got to relive their inner love for chinese pop by belting out Jay Chou songs, with melinda and i simply joining in even though we haven’t even heard those songs in our lives.

i’m also very very surprised that such a dodgy karaoke place had super hip mainstream songs! practically most of the songs in my iPod are in their song list. oh and my absolute favourite kbox songs would have to be from the boybands era, which includes the likes of BSB and Westlife.

the rest also discovered that i have a thing for rapping. HAHAHA nearly suffocated while rapping the eminem portion of Love the Way you Lie. gosh, but so fun!!


who knows? maybe next time we’ll be kboxing at every class outing already!


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