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last Saturday, we decided to join in the fun and the hype of the Tanjong Pagar Railway station being opened to the public. though actually, only the Rifle range part till the Rail Mall part of the track was opened until the 31st of July. so we took a bus and alighted along Bukit Timah, just before KAP, where there is a slope leading up to the tracks, where we can begin our short walk of the deserted tracks!

deserted by trains only, because the place was crawling with humans and their monstrous camera equipment.

totally wore the wrong footwear for trekking on stones and splintered wood

as you walk along, you can see the penknife carvings of kids who (obviously with too much free time) want to proclaim their eternal love for each other on the individual tracks

yea. eternal love that gets run over by a train every other day, nice…

could also see some weirdos sprawled on the tracks and taking self whoring shots of metaphoric emo pain that is trendy for teenagers to go through nowadays.

one deserted railway, and a hundred different ways that people can relate to it. funny, ain’t it?

for me, it was just an opportunity to take photos of my new bag HAHA!

the cambridge satchel i've been eyeing in forever!!

vintage-looking bag in a vintage-looking background = nice photo!

we didn’t walk all the way until the Rail Mall area cos we went to visit melinda at her house after that. i imagined it would’ve been nice, though i’d probably need better shoes if i wanted to go further.

did you go see the railway? what did you think of it?


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