6 weeks at SGH

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i dont know about you, but i find that i learn best when i get to apply it in a real life setting. which is why even after cramming hours and hours of pharmacotherapy, i found myself mentally handicapped the moment i was asked to apply my knowledge to a patient.

which was why even though the past 6 weeks were tough, they were also the most enriching time i had in 3 years.

i’ve learnt to be a little bit more thick-skinned when shot with questions that i cannot answer on the spot. i’ve also learnt the perfect answer to the same questions that i cannot answer: “i’ll get back to you later”

all in all, i feel like i finally get to do what i’ve always wanted to do. and while i’m still lacking in terms of knowledge and experience, i realized that it really doesn’t matter as long as one’s attitude is to want to learn more.


not forgetting the fact that i had so much fun working with my fellow colleagues! having 4 other people who go through the same things i go through makes the hard times easier to endure, and the good times better when shared.

in the 6 weeks, i’ve made so many new friends, especially with people i’ve never even spoken to before this. lunch times are what i look forward to every single day cos that’s the time we all get to meet up and talk about our day. furthermore, everyone is so willing to help and teach each other, especially when i can be so blur and bochup at times about stuff we need to know/do, i don’t know how i would’ve coped if not for them!

eve, yenyen, christina and me! with fiona missing cos she was on MC ):

hopefully despite the hectic schedule of year 4 and all the FYP nonsense, we’ll still be able to find time to go out for a nice meal 😀


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