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with jeremy’s impending departure to the far far away country of Canada on August 14, we came up with a list of things to do before he leaves. the list includes the places he’d like to visit again or food he’d like to savour one last time before converting to a bland, unhealthy western diet.

which is why we found ourselves here last Sunday afternoon at SPCA

casey the super docile husky! i want to bring her homeeee!

a PG caption would say that the golden retriever really liked him

this dog looks damn freaky!! i wonder what breed it is!

meow meow time! 😀

cats still scare me especially when they’re trying to swipe their paw at you. their nails are really sharp! i dont think i can possibly handle a cat on my own next time, even though i really really want a munchkin.

 Desktop Wallpaper · Animal Life · Kitten | Cat | Big cat   Little Red Munchkin Cat


a childhood deprived of animals makes me crave for a house full of animals (i’d want a dog and a cat) in the future! but the moral of the story here is to have pets so that your kids dont have to resort to petting random stray animals or making frequent visits to SPCA just to have an animal’s touch.

i’d also really like a quiet pomeranian (if there’s such a thing) who will be obedient enough to be groomed to look like…

BOO!! which the one on the left btw.. CUTE RIGHT???


the following weekend, which is today, we were in the neighbourhood so i brought jeremy to visit melinda and her two dogs! we had a good time playing with the lazy dogs and even helping melinda brush their thick, rapidly shedding, fur. those dogs are really in need of a good grooming session.

on the way back to my house, we met a friendly stray cat (how rare) and went over to play with it too!


gonna miss all our animal adventures! ):


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