goodbye is really the hardest

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with all the emoness that comes with goodbye, are the super duper fun farewell parties that bring us all together once again before we each go along on our own separate ways.

last thurs, we met at Vintage Delicafe once again to have a nice, cosy dinner with kaye and cassy. once again, bengtatt never failed to entertain us with his life stories about flings, dating bad girls, and having one’s heart broken by bad girls. and with that, we decided to have a book written about him one day, detailing all his anecdotal stories, and titling the bestseller “Bengtatt-sutra

bt forcing a smile for the camera despite cassy snapping his cig into two accidentally

with goodbyes also comes presents! we got each of them a farewell gift. for kaye: la senza pj pants and a tyvek wallet. for cassy: a necklace and a zara scarf. had to rush to get the presents in a span of a week and thank goodness i had nash to help me or i’d have driven myself crazy!

following that, came another celebration on saturday. the funniest thing about this was that it was organized by Derrick for cassy, and the latter had no idea about it.

the plan was to be at Stacked dim sum @ Robertson Quay at 630pm, and derrick would lead her in at 645pm. problem was, we were running super late because it was an extremely long walk from Central to Robertson Quay. we were relying on (useless) iPhone maps directions, jay-walking across expressways, and climbing across road barriers (thank good i wore pants) that by the time we reached the place, it was 7pm already.

for the first time i was extremely grateful for cassy’s fashionable lateness, because otherwise we’d have spoilt the surprise.

regardless, all the physical effort was worth it when cassy came and everyone shouted SURPRISEEEE, and she literally jumped back from the shock.

and the first thing she could say upon seeing us was that she saw ronald first and thought she was actually catching us red-handed for not inviting her to yet another class outing. -.-

look at how pleased she is hahaha

we also bought cassy a farewell gift, and a specially customized one at that!

the USA adaptation kit in a colourful toiletries bag

want to find out what’s in it?


thanks to ronald, the brave soldier, the sacrificial lamb, who paid for all of these things at the cashier in Guardian LOLLL!

aww, our very final class outing with cassy!

one in UK, one in US, what about me!!

the food at Stacked wasn’t too bad either, albeit VERY pricey. you can check out their menu at

but basically, the cheaper dimsum dishes cost about $5.90, and the more exotic or unique the dishes can go up to $12.

really liked their charsiew pastry ($5.90)! absolutely tasty and not too flour-y either

the other dish that was very good was the Mildly Spicy Salted Egg Squid, $12. it’s like calamari but more flavourful! that one was snapped up within seconds because it was so addictive. and needless to say, i didn’t manage to get a picture of it because i was too busy eating.

you can also order the Stacked collection ($29 for 7 varieties), Stacked Signature ($24 for 3 fusion dumpling dishes), or the Stacked Classic ($15 for 3 traditional dishes), which gives you an assortment of different dimsum dishes that the restaurant is famous for.

overall each person can expect to spend $15 – $20 and still not be full.

they also feature the famous Taiwan Lychee beer that i had at Beerfest! wanted to have that but it was sold out. i’d recommend you to try that as well if you go there next time. a bottle goes for $12.

another class photo with shaun, also recently back from London

with the "friend-in-law" LOL

rose among the thorns, and a very untrimmed bush

the alcohol-adverse ronald appeasing us with a sip of hoegarden

we left early because i wanted to bring them to try the much raved about Freshness Burger at Central (next to starbucks).

had their caramel macchiato, which was rather diluted but not bad for $3.90

overwhelmed by vege, but that's the Teriyaki Chicken burger i was talking about! abit too oily this time around but i really like the crispy part of the chicken

highly recommend the onion rings as your choice of sides! damn yummy and there's an actual ring of onion inside of it!

after that we did our usual thing of playing card games (Bang – the favourite card game of the month) and chilling at places until they close and chase us out. once freshness burger closed at 1030pm, we headed to the basement of Central. and once mall announcements kept threatening to lock us inside, we relocated to Starbucks.

honestly can’t wait for work to end so that i can stay up longer with these crazy people and not be peer-pressured from going home early all the time! plus, with shaun back for a few months, i have a buddy to cab home with now!

with all that, i’m really gonna miss my friends! but with the advent of technology (mostly facilitated by Skype and Whatsapp), hopefully the time difference and the miles between doesn’t separate us for long! 😀


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