a day in the life of a pharmacist

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being in inpatient for the past 3 weeks has been a breath of fresh air. finally, i am done with monotonous packing and thrown into the wards for some real life on-the-spot learning.

we have to SOAP 2 cases every week and each case takes up a whole lot of time. you have to keep tracking the patient’s case every single day because it always changes: new medication orders, new developments with their condition, etc.

it really surprised me when i realized that what people end up being admitted for differs alot from what they are later diagnosed with just 3 days later in the hospital.

people here seem much friendlier and eager to teach as well. i’ve been extremely lucky so far to have been able to attach to pharmacists who have been so helpful in answering my blur questions about how to interpret case notes and their very complex CLMM medication ordering system.

but well, im all the more glad i decided to do preceptorship here, so that i’ll be a little less lost next year when i’m expected to learn faster and quicker as a pre-reg.

so far so good, except my biggest problem right now is not being able to understand case notes at all because of the atrocious handwriting. goodness, i wonder if anyone other than them really understands it at all!

i wont say it’s not stressful having to be on the ball all the time and doing alot of reading up just for 1 case, because often we get assigned cases of conditions we’ve never ever encountered before, but i’d say that at the end of the day, it’s a very good learning experience.

i also debunk the myth that handsome doctors are plentiful. i think maybe 1 out of 7? the rest all have the same generic boyish, bespectacled look. hahaha still, better than in school where its like a 0 out of 130… 😛

the pharmacy is freezing btw, i wear like 4 layers and i’m still shivering as i’m doing up my case. but it’s the opposite when i head up to the wards, especially if i’m hanging out in an MO room in the non-aircon ward. so outfit choice is a real pain in the ass every night.

other than that, i’m having loads of fun!

with eve! at watami last monday, a dinner treat by one of the pre-regs, terrence

colleagues now, and potentially in the future too!


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