the best aglio olio

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thanks to nash’s recommendation, we ended up at a little eatery along Busorah Street called Vintage Delicafe.

koped this from their website

quaint and dim, it was the perfect place to have a good catching up session with friends! also bumped into bengtatt in that area despite him pangsehing us for a date, but he came over to join us before his date arrived fashionably later.

i ordered the Grilled Chicken Aglio Olio. you can choose the level of spiciness you want. i asked for level 2, but the kindly macik recommended that i start with level 1 first. however, for nash she let her take level 2.

-.- biased leh. she think i chinese noob cannot eat chilli?!

level 1 turned out to be ok-spicy la. tolerable but im sure i could’ve handled level 2 like a piece of cake ok. haha anyway, the spagetti was so well cooked- with just the right level of hardness to make a good Aglio Olio. and they really spam alot of garlic omgawsh, it was heaven for a garlic-lover like me.

the chicken is another story to tell. the chicken was SOOOOO TASTY! it’s grilled, very tender and because it’s mixed in with the garlic sauce from the Aglio Olio, it’s extra juicy. the only bad thing about it was that it was too small ):

but for $12.90 (the place doesn’t have GST or service charge), i would say it’s reallyyyy worth the money. this is probably the BEST aglio olio i’ve ever eaten just yet!!

but paiseh no photos to show yall cos it was so delicious that i gobbled it all down so quickly.

kaye had the Turkey Bacon sandwich, while nash had the Grilled Dory Aglio Olio, both said their food was damn good also.


when cassy came, i told her to order dessert as a coverup for ordering nash a bday cake. the waitstaff kept forgetting our order and walking past our table to shout “eh! tiramisu for this table!” but thankfully, nash was oblivious to our secret plans.

all until the macik popped up next to her with a Tiramisue mini-pie with vanilla ice-cream in a cup ($5.50), and a lighted candle sticking out from the top, causing nash quite a fright. hahahahah!!!

needless to say, the Tiramisu was very goooood. who would’ve thought that ice-cream and tiramisu made such an awesome combination? im salivating just thinking about it now.


definitely gonna go back again!!

if you do go, and i reckon you should, remember to call the number on the website to make reservations! the place is quite small so it gets filled up pretty fast during dinner time.


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