kenny’s steamboat craving

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we met to celebrate kenny’s bday and complied with the request of the birthday boy to have a steamboat dinner. so we followed him to a row of shops along chinatown, each competing to tout customers to dine at their dingy $17 steamboat buffet.

i didn’t get a good feeling about the place. first, it was unhygienic, with their ingredients left out in the open like that and totally not looking fresh at all. besides, there was also hardly anybody coming to replenish or replace stale ingredient with fresh ones.

to deal with it, we just made sure everything was extremely overcooked before we put it in our mouth.

always caught on camera doing something weird. but that's how ronald is.

was taking the soup in the pot but renard seemed to think i was including him in the photo. nonetheless, i did because he looked funny dodging haha!

the miracle of cassy showing up at all!

tried to leave by 9pm because my nights are severely limited by my need to be in bed by 1130 or suffer an excruciating migraine the following day at work. imagine the irony and agony of being surrounded by numerous drugs, while packing at work, to rid my migraine but not being able to take them.

but thanks to peer pressure, i ended up having dessert with them. another horrid place, at chinatown again, with super weird tasting snow ice and a doorless toilet. the only redeeming quality was that they served 5 tangyuans for $2.50 in ginger soup! at crystal jade it’s like $5 for 2 miserable ones ):

interesting conversation that went down last night was me trying to educate them about my newly learnt concepts of Oral Contraceptives from work. surveyed the guys (all bio students, mind you) and asked them how long a sperm can live for.

answers i got range from 5 days to “my sperm never dies” (joel). guys seem to overestimate their capabilities of their sperm.

we also bought a chocolate cake at SGH’s bengawan solo earlier, my staff discount saving some 30 cents LOL, and sang a very loud and tuneless bday song at the dessert place just to embarrass kenny.

nothing beats a 21st bday celebration, but who says your 22nd has to be forgettable?


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