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to be honest, this is the first time that i’m actually working but not noticing how time seems to fly by so quickly! hence, contrary to the title, i’m already onto the end of my second week at outpatient! only a week more to go before i bid this place goodbye (but only for a year or so before i come back again) and head over to inpatient, where i expect things will get a whole lot more challenging and mind boggling.

the first week took abit of adjustment

to the fact that i have to sleep at 1130pm cos i’m so exhausted, and wake up at 650am to get to work at 830am.

to the the fact that i am on my feet all the time. so much so that i feel like a crippled on the long and arduous train journey home with absolutely no seats at all. at times, i am tempted to just borrow a wheelchair from the hospital so that i can have a seat all the way home on the train.

to the fact that i have absolutely forgotten all the stuff i’ve learnt from year 2 and 3. and i’m simply lost for words, and embarrassed out of my mind for being so, every time a pharmacist asks me a question about the drugs.

to the fact that i have suddenly discovered that alot of my clothes that i don’t usually wear are actually suitable to be worn to work!! ok that was the only pleasant adjustment haha!


but now i am getting along much better. learning a whole lot of things as each day goes by and getting alot better at picking, packing, dispensing in MANDARIN (i had a full blown mental block on the first day when a patient came to the counter and i realized i had to translate all i was going to say into mandarin), and being quicker in retrieving all the pharmacology and pharmacotherapy i’ve lost over the past year.

i’m also somewhat relieved that i don’t hate the job. after all, i am bonded, so the stakes are somewhat higher for me.

love lunchtime, at Duke NUS, where christina, eve and i head over to almost every day. it’s really quiet, and chill. the food is cheap, and there are always seats available! i actually don’t exceed $5 everyday at mealtimes when i eat here!

also love the education resources library! damn shiok, always got nobody when i go there in the morning for my once a week self study session! not like all other libraries that regular students have access to….must go like crazy early to chope seats, or end up sharing table with a weirdo who stares at you more than at his notes.


with that said, im sure it’s going to take a whole new getting use to when i head over to inpatient in 2 weeks time. but oh well, it can’t hurt to learn more!

anyway, tml is TGIFFFFF! at SGH, fridays feel a whole lot more like fridays because we get off half an hour earlier (530pm) AWESOME!!!!!!!


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