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my jc, being in the west, comes with friends who’ve only ever been in the west. to them, the east is completely unfamiliar territory, which was why i decided to suggest an outing to the eastside this time around for a change.

the plan was to have a picnic at ECP and subsequently take a trip to joochiat for the very famous Eng Seng Black pepper crab! had been craving for that since eating it more than a year ago so might as well kill two birds with one stone.

weather was perfect for a picnic despite the heavy noon thunderstorm. we settled on a grass patch and began our pseudo-picnic! pseudo because there wasn’t much food. we ate at paya lebar singpost kopitiam earlier and all there was on the picnic menu was kenny’s homemade banana chocolate muffins (recipe from me :P) and renard’s exotic vietnamese snack, the latter of which everyone tried very hard to enjoy.

cant quite remember what made her this happy

ronald the vietnamese snack table

after failing to think of any worthy ice-breaker games, we started playing frisbee. unfortunately, we were no longer our healthy 18 year old selfs who used to play ultimate frisbee almost every other day, including holidays. so it was no surprise at all that we were panting like crazy after playing for a little less than half an hour.

lots of action!

having not expected to play so hardcore-ly, we went to chillax on our picnic mat and play taboo instead!

think we've pretty much memorized all the words in the pile!

tour guides for the day

left ECP at 5pm and headed for joochiat, which i cant believe we actually took the whole journey to the east thing so seriously and walked all the freaking way there! it was like 30 mins walk zomg!!!

but the hard work paid off with all the good food that came next

chinese mee goreng, always a must-have when eating crab at eng seng

nai bai (no idea what it's called in english) fried with garlic


finally mission accomplished! wanted to bring mel to eat crab here since ages ago!

it gets really really crowded on weekends at eng seng. we were there at 6pm already and there was already a queue, so i highly recommend you to be there by 6pm if possible on both weekdays and weekends. any later and you might’ve wasted a trip there because all the crabs would’ve been sold out.

our bill came up to $18 per person for 3 black pepper crabs, the naibai and mee goreng. one day (in the near future) when ronald becomes a high flyer at JP Morgan, we’re going to ask him for a treat here.

well, even if you’re hungry after an early crab dinner, like they were, good food is never scarce in the east. we brought them to the next pitstop: Katong!

craving for some dessert, so we tried this gelato eatery along Katong, very near the Katong laksa stall. it’s called Coccogelo, i think.

from L to R: banana tim tam, pistachio, and cookies and cream

we got the large tub, fits 3 flavours and costs $22.80, which when split amongst the 6 of us, worked out to be much cheaper than a single scoop at $3.50 per person. there was also definitely more than enough to go around as well.

i liked the banana tim tam the most! the cookies and cream also damn alot of cookies, so super worth it. pistachio tasted well, like pistachio. and i dont like pistachio, so there.

they have other flavours like sticky rice and soya bean, which really taste like the real thing! come to think of it, i should’ve swapped pistachio for soya bean instead. now have a sudden craving for some tau hway from old airport road.

but i digress..

after ice-cream, still not full. so we took them over to have some Katong laksa. go Katong definitely must try the Katong laksa! not the pseudo “Katong laksa” in Holland V.

slurping down the real stuff!

super tiring day, but a great day spent with friends and a ultra fun day off from work! 😀 wishing that somehow, rebecca black sang a song about weekends being twice as long as weekdays and the universe decided to go along with her rule.


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