photographer for a day

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last saturday, i was assigned the tasked of being the event photographer at the epic year 3 pharmacy party organized by the awesome kaye.

the party itself was really a success, despite the large number of people and how difficult it can be to get every single person involved in the games and all.

highlight of the party was the part where they got all the couples to come up in chronological order of when they got together, and to play some marshmallow game to display some lovedovey-ness. haha felt like i was at a wedding banquet and watching the emcee make the bride and groom do embarrassingly kinky things to each other.


anyhow, here are the pictures, since most of what i did was photographing

also very happy cos i managed to practise alot of portrait photographing with the 50mm lens tee hee!

catered food, which amounted to only $10 per pax!

the event organizer!

preparing for the complete-the-tag games, which failed miserably -.-

huiyang (the other photographer) stalking me on the job

party people

the miracle of cassy showing up at all

gonna miss you two when you go to the US ):

being the odd one out amongst 3 of the NOC people

my favourite picture of the night! ❤


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