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was at beerfest asia 2011 on sunday afternoon because jeremy won free tickets from a very minute contest column in the weekly IS magazine that they distribute for free at starbucks and various other places.

beerchips that i wish i could've taken one home as a souvenir

it was a fairly humid day so ice cold beer really helped! but other than checking out all the different beers from all over the world, there is really nothing much to do. the performances were unappealing to me even while i was tipsy.

nonetheless i tried Lychee beer for the first time! had two types,

the Jaz lychee beer

the taiwan lychee beer (left)

the right one was the famous taiwan melon beer but sold out!!!!! it’s supposed to taste very nice, but too bad i didn’t get to try it. and i dont know if i ever will cos only 3 restaurants in Singapore carry this beer.

the taiwan lychee beer was much better than the Jaz one though, much sweeter and you can actually taste the lychee flavour even after drinking for a long time.

the Kronenbourg Blanc, a french beer that wasn't too special except that it had a strong metallic after taste 😡

also had budweiser, normal tasting beer there.

tasted abit of some archipelago limited ed beer that tasted like beef jerky or something, weird!

apple cider, which sucked and is NOT a beer at all!

excited to see the surprisingly many dogs that angmohs bring along with them to beerfest

a free photo taken for us by the good people of Jaz beer

with jeremy's pals!

felt rather hungover the very same afternoon when a throbbing migraine (probably from the afternoon sun and lack of sleep) began to irritate me and sap away all my energy.

but still, very worth it that we got the free tickets and 2 free beers each as well! beers there cost from $5 to $10. the normal entrance is already $16 with OCBC card discount (with 2 free beers) so we really only got in for a teeny fraction of the regular price!

well if you’ve missed this one, you can always remember to try to win tickets for next year’s Beerfest Asia! dont say i didn’t teach you how to


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