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extremely exhausted and brain dead from the overwhelming business of preceptorship and my impulsive decision to begin learning driving. so this post will be a whole lot more pictures and less talking.

woke up at like 7am in the morning for breakfast at the hotel. it was a buffet breakfast serving mainly local delights and occasionally abit of western dishes here and there. the nasi lemak was SO SHIOK! was so happy that i got to eat it twice at both breakfast meals at Redang 😀

went down to the beach after breakfast to take some cool sunrise silhouette shots!

had to jump like 5 times ok. nearly threw up my breakfast!

after which was snorkelling at the Marine Park, home to some 10000 varieties of fishes and corals. gotta be exciting, and it was!

we bought a loaf of bread for RM2 this time to feed the fishies!!

people snorkelling in the sea which as clearer waters than that of a public pool in Singapore!

look at the swarm of fishes!!!

they will literally swim towards the bread in SCHOOLS AND SCHOOLS at a go and surround it. if you are brave enough to hold on to the bread as they zoom in for the kill, you can also get to feel them biting you instead of the bread lol!! not painful of course.

the best pose i can assume in the event that i dont want to wet my hands so that i can carry my camera

spent the whole afternoon lazing around on the beach but trying to stay in the shade as much as possible and applying lots of sunblock at the same time. still got a tan -.- but beats the burn that the geh kiang boy got by baking out there in the blistering heat

still so happy

i went out to geh geh abit HAHAHA

but its a nice photo k!

just look at how clear the water is!

paradise indeed

sad to leave the island but somewhat excited to be back in Singapore because i wont deny that the toilets in msia creep me out because they’re in such a third world state!!! and considering how often i have to use the bathroom on a normal basis, it made me miss Singapore so much more. i know how much we complain about  having to pay 20 cents to use a hawker centre toilet. but in msia, you pay 20 RMcents to pee into a stall with dead cockroaches squashed on the floor, grimy walls, no toilet paper, and a flush that doesn’t work.

there is really no where more comfortable than home.

with that said. i need to crash. preceptorship hasn’t been very kind to my legs at all.


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