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i’m back from Redang!!! well, i was back for awhile, but was wallowing in the sadness of having no more holidays to look forward to for the summer. but now i feel ready to relive the super fun memories we had in the 1.5 days on that beautiful island, and possibly feel even more miserable afterwards :/

we departed from Golden Mile on a bus at 1030pm, which took us on a ultra long 10 hour journey to the state of Terranganu. nothing eventful on the bus ride, except that i watched Salt the movie and it was SO EXCITING! decided to try sleeping afterwards, and i was in fact, trying the whole night because the aircon was wayyy too cold and all i had was a cardigan. my legs were freezing off because i was dressed for the beach. so i pretty much didn’t sleep at all until 7am.

sleep deprived, cold and pathetic

we arrived at the jetty at about 830am, had a bit of breakfast and took a 55 min ferry to the real Redang island. i slept like a baby on the ferry.

upon reaching the island, we were told to gather in the entrance hall, where the events manager was there to greet us and give us a briefing of our 3D2N itinerary at the resort. yes i suspect everyone there are all on the island for the 3D2N itinerary so it was a whole lot more organized than usual. we were told what time to report for snorkeling trips, for meals, and for check in and out, as well as what night activities there were for us to do.

 later, we were ferried to the resort lobby in this

having some time to spare before lunch, we went down to the beach they call “Paradise” to take some scenic photos

the serenity of the beaches, so unlike the heavily populated and polluted ones of Sentosa

the resort!

as much as i didnt want a tan, i seriously couldnt wait to indulge in some beach lovin

check out the pool!

it’s HUGE!! really reminded me of the days my family used to holiday in Bintan resorts every other year. resort pools are always my favourite because they’re usually very big, with slides (which sadly, i cant use now) and jacuzzis.

people who have watched the Sammi Cheng movie "More More Tea Inn" will recognize this building. and it is indeed the exact filming location for the movie. i know because the same movie is playing on loop the whole time in the hotel

in our very spacious hotel room

there were 3 beds in the room, and still alot of space to walk around and leave our luggage lying around. the only part i didn’t like about the room was the toilet :/ the flooring of the toilet was pokey and stoney. i suppose they meant it to be so because people come back from the beach/pool with wet or sandy feet.

but that also meant that we had to wear slippers everytime we visited the toilet or the shower. the toiletries provided also not as luxurious as that in Korea, no toothbrush and toothpaste. the toiletbowl also couldn’t flush very well and kept threatening to regurgitate its choked contents onto the floor everytime i flush it.

after settling down, we changed and got ready to go snorkelling!!

150 or so tourists were briefed about the trip prior to the 20 minute boat ride to the place we were going to scare the fishes at, Pasir Akar.

apparently, we were supposed to be able to see things like mushroom coral, table coral, soft coral, nemo, marine fish, sea cucumber, sea turtles, sharks?? and sting rays??

the 3 hard rules were not to collect any corals or fish (dead or alive), not to step on corals, or litter.

i did step on a coral, but it was by accident because i had swam to the shallow part. cut my poor toe ouch!

the snorkeling guides also provided photo taking sessions, in which they’d push you down into the water, and at the same time, the cameraman feeds the fish with bread so that they’ll swarm in at that instant the photo is taken.

i know it looks photoshop but i assure you the fishes were real

the whole experience was not as scary as i had imagined! i was so afraid that the fishes would swarm me and i’d be completely helpless or something. but really, it was almost impossible to even touch the fish once you were underwater.

we kept swimming around the people who had bought the bread to feed the fishes because they had LOADS of fishes surrounding them. it looked so fun that we vowed to buy our own bread on the snorkeling trip the next day too.

breathing through the snorkel wasn’t as difficult as i expected either. unfortunately, my snorkeling mask was leaking and giving me alot of discomfort as i kept drinking seawater or getting seawater in my nose and eyes. but i did enjoy swimming around and enjoying the silence and peacefulness of the sea once my head was in the water. everything was so beautiful and i only wished i owned an underwater camera to capture it.

after the snorkeling, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at the beach and the pool. the sea in Redang is VERY VERY CLEAR. i really dont want to get my body dirtied by the murky seas of Sentosa anymore after having been here. will show you in another post of day 2 in Redang, when we had more time on the beach.

having fun wading around in the pool, which by now, was filled with post-snorkelling people and was awfully crowded

at dinner, we had a buffet BBQ. btw, all meals are buffet-style and i am now 1kg heavier because of that, bleh.

however, quantity did not always mean quality and the latter of the food was indeed inconsistent some times it was quite good, and other times, really bad. but oh well, at least all meals were provided so it saved us the hassle of having to find places to dine and spend extra money.

took a night stroll on the beach and enjoyed an ice cold beer, though could barely see any shit because it was so dark.

haha see what i mean

so we retired early that night after putting on Vitamin C face masks to minimize the damage done by the sun that day.



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