a very tiring nature walk

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feeling rather broke after all the spending throughout the holidays, we strived to think of a place that we could spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon at, without having to pay a single cent.

and that is how we ended up at The Southern Ridges.

ok, wiki says that Southern Ridges is a 9km trail that links up a hell lot of parks. so more specifically, we started off at Telok Blangah Hill Park, with the intention of looking for Henderson Waves.

bus 100 from Vivocity took us to opposite Hort Park, where we began our 2.6km walk to Henderson Waves on this precarious looking structure…

heart was beating like crazy during the first 500 metres because my phobia of heights didn't quite trust the bridge

btw, while on top, you can actually look down through the grilled floor to whatever awaits you below if the bridge should collapse. DAMN SCARY FOR AN ACROPHOBIC!

despite that, must still smile and gei gei abit 😛

we walked on..

and on...

and on...

for about 30-45 minutes, before


the characteristic wave like structure of Singapore's longest pedestrian bridge

saw some couple nestling against each other rather obscenely in the curve of the bridge like it were their own personal bedroom. awkward…

the view from up there was amazing. very different from the usual cityscape you see from places like SG flyer, or MBS

tee hee! $7 from F21 online!

i am such an awesome photographer

was watching a couple having their wedding photos taken by a photographer who was directing them to do the silliest things together. i’d kill my wedding photographer if he were directing a shoot like a neoprint machine i tell you…


after a brief rest, we decided to press on and head to the Jewel Box at Mount Faber to check out a world’s best something, you’ll see in abit!

there was alot more walking as we went along the Faber Trail…

i PICKED it up from the ground btw, i'm not a nature-disrespecting leaf plucker.

check out the view!

until finally, we reached Jewel Box

keeping up with our promise of not spending money today, i could only pose in this fake cable car cabin!

i think it the newly revamped Swarovski crystal cable car costs $20-30 per person to ride in it? damn expensive man :/

as i was saying earlier though, we walked all the way here for the purpose of checking out the World’s Best….


this is just the sink area...

ok actually the only grand part was the sink area…the toilets are regular cubicles: smelly, cramped, with no special features like bidets or state of the art gold-plated toilet bowl.

in case you are feeling giddy after a nasty bout of diarrhea, you can rest here and enjoy the view

omg i just realized that from the toilet, i could see out at the people riding in cable cars. it didn’t occur to me until now that they can see me in the toilet toO!! talk about lack of privacy pls…worse still if it were at night

there was no one in the ladies so i dragged jeremy in to help me take this HAHAHA

waiting for the only bus back to Harbourfront Station, 409

what a great day out, sweating buckets and possibly toning some leg muscles for my trip to Redang later today!

will be back with awesome photos, of the sun, sand, sea and BBQ food~!!! 😀


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