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was at Katong for dinner today and decided to give Fat Boys a try.

it’s odd that despite them opening their first branch at Upper Thomson 2 years ago, i’ve never even stepped foot into the place. yet, upon doing some research about them on hungrygowhere, i found out that their burgers are voted the best in Singapore, beating Handburger even! so i had to try it to see for myself what i’ve been missing out on all those years.

oh wait, now i remember why i haven’t tried the Upper Thomson branch! it’s because the place doesn’t look like it has much business at all! which was why i was shocked that the Katong branch was OVERFLOWING with people at 730pm on a Saturday night. there was barely enough space to queue for a table and the waiting time was estimated to be an hour!!

but since nearly every one in the queue was in a group of 3 or more, we found ourselves a seat first at the front of the cafe. ya reason why we had to find it ourselves was because the service staff were too busy to even ask us how many persons in a table we had. was already quite impatient by then because it was possible that they wouldn’t even get to us despite having a vacant table for 2 that none of the other groups could fill.

wel nvm, after seating ourselves, it took another 15 minutes to order (after deciding what we wanted) because the service staff took awhile to notice our waving hands, and when they did promise that someone would be taking our orders in abit, no one came. jeremy had to walk in to try and get someone to take our order. goodness…

another 15 minutes later, the food came. was starving by then so it was timely to indulge in a massive burger. i had the Swiss Shroom ($12) which is described on the menu as a “hand crafted chuck patty, with sauteed shitake mushrooms, melted emmenthal cheese, and garlic aioli on a sesame seed bun“.

unfortunately the picture doesn't do the best part of the burger justice: the SHITAKE MUSHROOMS

jeremy had the Fat Basterd ($16), the house speciality, which has “double beef chuck patties, extra thick bacon, cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and homemade Fatboy’s sauce on a sesame bun“.

ohyea double the patties for double the awesome

and double the flatulence….was farting a great deal after the meal. jeremy attributed it to us having eaten beef and the similarity to how cows eat alot (of beef) and fart alot.

don’t ask me how that works. ask, jeremy the cow expert.


their burgers are also served with a portion of HUGE CHUNKY FRIES. imagine the ones at Mos burger, but twice its size! haha but i’m not a fan of fat fries, the skinny ones at Macs are still my favourite (:


and overall, the burgers were alright only la. i dont think they would’ve been nicer than most other burgers i’ve had, esp the one at Freshness Burger, which i will blog about soon the next time i remember to take a photo before devouring the whole thing.

also, i felt it was definitely too expensive to pay for an unimpressive burger. though the place has no GST and service charge so that’s great i guess.


to continue on where i left off, it took us 10 minutes to attract another waiter for the bill. by this time there was no longer a waiting queue outside so it was probably much more manageable than when we first came in. it took another 10-15 minutes to get the change from the bill.

i was soooooooo frustrated at this point in time. we approach a waitress and she told us to wait awhile longer because “alot of tables were asking for bills”, and indeed there were alot of bills waiting to be settled. and NOT ONE of the waiters was attempting to settle them at the cash register. it was only when we said we had been kept waiting for 10 mins that she hurriedly picked out our bill and settled the change for us.

doesn’t make any sense to me. no matter how crowded it gets, isn’t it necessary to have one person designated to clear the existing bills so that you can vacate the table for customers who are waiting? gosh, this is not diner’s dash, where the more bills you accumulate and settle at one go, the higher the points you receive at the end of the game.

super lousy service. wouldn’t be back again for awhile. and even if i had to, i’d go to the branch in Upper Thomson haha!


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