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was in town today with gen for a major day of grooming. preceptorship begins in 1.5 weeks time and i will no longer have the luxury of time to go and get my brows or nails done whenever i want to. so i did a quadruple job of a brows thread & tweeze, upper lip threading, manicure and pedicure today! efficient max.

halfway through all that, i suggested to gen to go ECP with MS to run and then go over to Wild about Wings (the new eatery that jeremy’s working his holiday job at currently) to have dinner. then she asked me if i wanted to come along. well, SURE!

the only dreadful thing about the whole idea was the run. gen and MS are hardcore runners who run almost every other day, and even twice a day at times.

on the other hand, i absolutely detest running. i haven’t ran since last year and i wasn’t planning to in the near future since i already play weekly badminton 😛

but the only thing that helps me run is plugging into fall out boy. so i did, and surprisingly, i managed to keep pace with the both of them and we ran the whole of ms’s usual route for 15 mins! not bad eh!!

the best part of it all was settling down in Wild about Wings, a cozy little (and i mean really Little) eatery for an unhealthy, but calorie-justified, meal.

as the name of the restaurant suggests, it’s famous mostly for their chicken wings, which come in a variety of flavours:

Honey Lemon


Lemon Garlic

Salt & Pepper

Black Pepper


Spicy Hot (Mild/Hot/Very Hot)





honestly, curry, honey lemon custard and salt & pepper don’t quite appeal to me. but well, maybe some people might like them.

i was craving for bbq chicken wings so we ordered 6 of those. it’s a minimum order of 5 per flavour, and its only 99 cents per wing to dine in. and at happy hour (3-6pm), it’s 79 cents!

best part about the place is that there is NO GST 😀

bbq wings. shit why are they making me hungry again when i just ate them 3 hours ago!

the wings aren’t too bad, though they were severely drenched in Heinz BBQ sauce and it gave me the impression that it was all you really needed to make BBQ chicken wings.

perhaps next time i’ll try the spicy chicken wings and see how that’s done instead!


for the mains, jeremy highly recommended the chicken chop to us. so gen had the Grilled Chicken Chop, i had the Black Pepper Chicken Chop, and MS had the Hickory (BBQ) Chicken Chop. all $7.90 each, and to add on to a full meal would be $3.50, which gives you a soup (which you can choose from quite a number of them) and a drink.

the soup came with this very “substantial” garlic garlic bread!

bad photo quality. but you can actually see the bits of chopped garlic on top! SUPER YUMMY cos i love garlic!

gen's Grilled Chicken Chop

was too busy eating to take photos of the other two mains. but seriously, the chicken chop pwnz Aston’s!!! if you ever go there, please try it! my Black Pepper one was super shiok, plus it was spicy!

dammit i’m making myself salivate again!

cute tee!!

chubby and MS

face is still freaking red from the run...try not to stare

i dropped a french fry on the floor, and for the first time in my life of dining in a restaurant, i bent down to pick it up so that jeremy wouldn’t have to. LOLLLL

and jeremy told us he was the one washing the dishes, so gen was extra stressed about not finishing her food and leaving a big mess on her plate. on the other hand, i was rather worried for the hygiene of the utensils because jeremy Does Not wash the dishes in his own home.

hahahaha well but i didn’t get diarrhea la so i think his washing plate skillz would’ve passed already.


Wild about Wings is located near the ECP macs, approx 2 shops away. quite easy to find because you’ll see this!


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