the most tiring shopping trip

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my legs are aching, and my head is throbbing from a nagging migraine. and i suspect this has all got to do with a very tiring day of window shopping with Renard and Kenny.

normally, if you asked me to go shopping, i’d gladly agree to it, and my legs would take me for hours and hours at a go. but today, the guys asked if i wanted to come along and give my (expert) opinion on a couple of things they wanted to buy.

i only agreed to it because

1. i had nothing to do at home, and simply refused to bore myself with a book, or revising for preceptorship

2. i have known Renard and Kenny for awhile now, but i have always been secretly curious about how they shop.

well, curiosity did kill the cat eventually. but first, let me tell you a couple of characteristics of what guys (or at least Kenny and Renard) do when they shop:

1. they already know what they want to get even before they plan the shopping trip (VS: we dont necessary have anything to buy, or have that one thing in mind, but end up buying 5 other things that wasn’t part of the plan)

2. they already have a list of shops they are to browse in search of that particular item, eg: Kenny wanted a hoodie. and he has already been on a prior visit to town to narrow down his options to Zara, GAP, Uniqlo and Pull & Bear. (VS: oops, i was looking for a dress, but guess where i ended up! the shoe section!)

3. shopping is NOT leisurely at all. i find myself darting about from one shop to the next, and usually they’re in different shopping malls, so the whole time, it’s:

locate shop, locate article of interest, become disinterested, locate exit, locate next shop.

it was 15 mins tops for them to finish up at ION Orchard’s Zara and Pull & Bear. (VS: it would’ve taken me 45 mins to finish shopping in Zara alone…)

4. they do not need changing rooms. asking them to try it on “just to see what it looks like” is like telling them to run 2.4km and get a gold timing without training.

5. the most common reason for not liking an article of clothing is: “that’s too gay

let’s just say i’ll be passing up on all future invitations to shop with them from now on, though i am quite sure they benefitted from me being around today. who wouldn’t when they had with them a walking shopping directory, with exceptionally good fashion advice? 😉


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