a love for jap food

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to mark the 18th month milestone, we went out to celebrate with the one thing we know we’d both enjoy just as much: good jap food (:

here's the return of Sun with Moon's matcha parfait!!!

now i know the trick already. the best time i enjoy this dessert is during cafe time (3 to 6pm), when the portion served is the largest!

also applied for the Sun with Moon card so that i get a 10% discount each time i go there! 😀

somehow, one would get the impression that those flowers were plucked directly from my dress

i had a free ticket to the ION Sky, a viewing gallery on the 56th floor of ION Orchard. and somehow, i had the impression that it was a complimentary ticket for two people, isn’t that always the case when you win tickets to go and do something. like why would they give out only one movie ticket for a contest? who would go to the movies alone?

turns out, the ticket was only for one person -.- and they have strict security at the concierge to allow people into the lift that takes you up to ION Sky. to purchase another single adult ticket would cost $12, and honestly, it’s wouldn’t have been worth it.

not a big loss either, because we spent the rest of the time between lunch and dinner in town shopping!

here’s another round of good food for dinner at Orchard Central’s Ootoya!

Rice bowl with Chargrilled chicken and Sweet Sauce $11 Alacarte, $14 Set

this is the bomb. please please try it the next time you’re there! i’d recommend just getting the Alacarte because the side dishes that come with the set are not very impressive. only there’s free flow rice, and i’m not a big rice eater so that doesn’t interest me.

a yummy day indeed 😀


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