korea day 7

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finally, the last half of the day we had in Seoul was spent going from place to place to buy stuff.

rather uneventful i might say, i remember they brought us into a Cordyceps Store where i was completely uninterested in anything they had to say. don’t believe in such nonsense.

then the tour guide arranged for us to shop at Edae, the shopping district opposite Ehwa Women’s University. it’s much smaller than Dongdaemun or Myeungdong. it only seemed to cover about 2 streets and there wasn’t anything more than the regular cosmetic brands or clothing shops that i hadn’t already browsed in the other two more happening shopping areas.

i did find a place called Kosney, though, which is 2 levels of clothing, stationery, household items, etc, etc. much like a departmental store except with alot of cute things! hahaha we bought instax frames, cute stickers, an oil cloth bag and unique vintage floral tees.

there were very very pretty accessories as well! apparently they are all handmade by the students of Ehwa themselves who sell their accessories in Edae. sounds pretty incredulous that a uni kid can ever find time to juggle studies, jewelry-making, and a retail business right?

spent 15000W on 4 different studs. it ain’t cheap, but they were too cute for me to resist!

lunch was on our own, and we zipped into a random restaurant for our last proper korean meal ):

kimchi pancake was one of the dishes of our "last supper"

sadness at the airport ):

had time to kill at the airport and won to get rid off. so i found Starbucks and bought a Java Chip Frap! haha tastes different from the one in Singapore leh, like not so chocolatey. price is comparable, maybe slightly cheaper perhaps because it’s tax-free?

my mum later dragged me for a last hanbok photo-taking session that was FOC at the airport as long as you produce your boarding pass and passport for them to see that you’re a tourist.

they made us put our hands there! but i ended up looking pregnant in all the photos -.-

haha we also managed to get the cute mei mei from our tour group to take photos with us!! she’s only 6 but she’s pretty tall and she speaks perfect english with a slight slang. but her parents say that she doesn’t go to montesorri and the trick to getting her to speak like that is never to use baby talk. must learn sia!

on the last day she had bubblegum and went around offering it to all of us! so cute, she said to jeremy: “uncle! do you want bubblegum?”


so cuteeee! i want to bring her home also

lol poor thing. my mum grabbed her and put her on her lap before she could even agree to anything!

upon arrival at Changi airport, i was feeling pretty bummed about being back in hot humid and expensive Singapore. but then i saw this group of people in the corner of our baggage collection area

korean popstar was on same flight as us!!!

my heart skipped a beat when i thought it was Rain- he had a concert 2 days after the day we arrived. but then my mum asked around and found out it was Kim Ki Bum. ok whatever, dont know him..

he was wearing shades. in the airport. at 11pm at night. the boy probably hadn’t had time to put on concealer and eyeliner before he touchdown, poor thing.

quite awesome though, to be this close to someone so famous that crazy fangirls are surrounding the arrival hall and wailing desperately for his attention. hee hee!!

well that’s all folks. sad to be back, but happy to have gone, that’s for sure! i can safely say that this is the best holiday i’ve had in ages.

next up will be our short beach getaway to Redang on the 13 of June! will probably help with the post-holiday hangover, so i’m really looking forward to that! (:


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