korea day 6

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it was our last full day in Korea ): so i was determined to make the most of it by paying greater attention to the tour guide while he is droning on about korean history. but my attention span is limited when my absolute favourite place to fall asleep (apart from a bed) is on an air-con bus.

as such, i am still clueless as to what the first destination of the day was

Bukak Palgakjeong

well all i remember was that we were able to get a great view of the Seoul cityscape from this place.

other than that, it was also a great place to take lots of cool photos like the following:

meditation hut

keeping abreast with Korean art

love the macro lens man

spent a rather short time here because there was nothing much to do except appreciate the view and breathe in the fresh air from so high up in Seoul. we left and headed to the Presidential Blue House aka Cheong Wa Dae.

there were an awful lot of bodyguards surrounding the place that’s because that whole area is the executive office and official residence of the head of state, though the general public are only allowed in the museum area.

supposedly a spot with excellent fengshui, and also for awesome photos

it’s relatively new actually. it was only opened in Jan 2010. there are 2 floors, the first features the Korea Centre. here you will get to learn about everything Korean, from the meaning of the SK flag, to the names of the Korean UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tiro, a talking and moving tourguide robot. tried to take a photo with it when it was still, then got a shock when it started moving as the camera clicked!

on the second floor is the Presidential Centre, where you can get in line to take a photo at the mock presidential office. the area also features children’s artwork, public campaign ads, the famous traditional Korean dishes, and a G20 lounge.

i just realized it's not kimchi pancake. but also quite nice i bet!

if my mum were president, she'd pass a decree for bae yong jun to be her personal secretary

pretty interesting place, i must say! was glad we went on the last day so we’d already be more familiar with everything Korean, and understand abit more of what were displayed on the exhibits.

following that, they brought us to be scammed in a Ginseng speciality shop. ugh we were practically trapped in there until someone gave in to their aggressive hardsell and bought something. not that no one really believed it worked, it’s just that it’s very heart-wrenching to part with 900 USD at a go for something that has not exactly been proven to prevent, and does not consistently alleviate/cure disease states.

my parents were nearly tricked, but me, the pharmacist, stepped in to remind them that Lovastatin and Nifedipine will do a better job than this crazy expensive crap.

lunch was a final shabu shabu meal that i’m really thankful for. again, meat was free flow 😀

next on the agenda, was a trip to the Faceshop outlet store, where everything has already been made tax-free so that it will save you the trouble of having to queue up for tax refund at the airport.

really enjoyed my time here. they first gathered all of us and gave us a 15 min hands-on demo on their newest range of products, ODBO, that have yet to hit the stores in Singapore yet.

i think it really helps when someone teaches you to use the product on yourself and you can see how the product actually does for you immediately upon application. there was one that seriously made the wrinkles on my hand disappear damn obviously!!! like magic leh, but it cost 80000W for 3 tubes, super ex :O

i settled for the ODBO BB cream, which cost 30000W = $35. it has SPF protection of 45++, and compared to the BB creams sold in Singapore that cost $40+ with only SPF 25++, i definitely found myself a good buy here!

zoomed in for the face mask kill also! bought 20 mask sheets of Vit C brightening mask, at 1000W = $1.20 each. have been using them and they’re not bad! face looks brighter immediately after each time i put the mask on! definitely perfect for Singapore weather, where the sun can be terribly merciless at times.

also bought nail polish and base coats. not considerably cheaper compared to Etude house. so i saved my crazy nail polish spree for later on that night 😛

found hair dye for 4400W = $5.20 only! so cheap, aiya just try la. might even work as effectively as a $200 hair dye job at the salon.


feeling extremely satisfied with all our purchases, we headed to Lotte World for an evening of fun!

wanted to come here ever since i watched Stairway to Heaven in JC

Lotte world has 3 sections, a water park, the indoor theme park (the oldest), and the outdoor theme park.

Lotte World's Magic Land, the outdoor theme park

the carousel that the lead actors will always like emo on when they are crossed in love

the queues at Lotte world were all much shorter than that in Everland. we queued about 30 mins for the French revolution ride, an indoor rollercoaster with one part that takes you 360 degrees.

i was deceived into thinking the track to be much shorter than it really turned out to be, and that was how i ever agreed to ride on it…

screamed my lungs out. although this is the only rollercoaster i’ve forced myself to keep my eyes opened for at least 50% of the time! not bad right!

crashing down with extreme velocity

my mum was brave enough to go on the ride with us but my dad had to sit out because he was over the age limit. haha so our next ride was The Adventures of Sinbad, so that the four of us could go.

raring to go! only because i knew it was gonna be kiddy...

quite freaky leh actually. i think if i were a kid, i’d be quite freaked by all the wax dolls that look so demonic.

eventually we ran out of things to do in the indoor themepark. the Viking ship looked too scary, even indoors, for me to dare myself to take it.

Magic land!

it’s of course much smaller than Everland, and also smaller than Universal Studios. but has it’s fair share of thrilling rides, with the famous Gyro Drop pwning the Battlestar Galactica already.

similar to the one in Genting, but taller if i am not wrong

the wakiki wave

of the two, i did eventually agree to sit on one. no prizes for guessing which one. haha if you had guessed the Gyro Drop, thank you for believing in me. but i was a wuss and refused countless attempts by jeremy to persuade me to take it with him. i did, however, ride on the wakiki wave, after observing that it looked pretty unscary and tolerable for my poor nerves.

here’s what it looked like from where i was standing on the ground

wakiki wave from Michelle Law on Vimeo.

when i was actually on it, OMG IT’S LIKE A FREAKING SWING GONE HAYWIRE! still scared the shit out of me at some parts even though i die die also made sure i sat at the centre, where i strategized would be the place with the least turbulence. but damn fun when it was all over la. haha worth it!!

jeremy then went to join the short queue of daredevils, thrill-seekers, and suicidal people at the Gyro drop. the three of us stayed behind to watch from below.

siao one..

i swear i was feeling so nervous for him even though i was safely on the ground! crazy boyyyy! took a video of the process. haha ignore my nonsense commentary.

gyro dropping from Michelle Law on Vimeo.

pay me $100 i also wont go and sit on that thing.

we were left with an hour for dinner on our own in the themepark, which we settled on sapporo ramen, which tasted oddly like nongshim instant noodles with added fishcake and vege.

i also had some time to visit Etude house and continue my nail polish spree. they were having a buy 1 get 1 free. so that works out to be 500W = 60 cents per bottle. btw, Singapore sells each bottle for $2.50 hee hee. by the end of the day, i managed to accumulate 15 bottles of nail polish LOL!

soon it was time to leave Lotte World and head back to our hotel. the last night in Seoul was also not to be wasted sitting around in the room. we heard about Myeong Dong, another shopping district, from another member of our tour group who had been to Korea before on company trips. so again, within minutes of putting all our stuff down, we were back at the hotel’s taxi stand and getting a ride to Myeong Dong!!

time was also of the essence here, because the shops operate on regular store hours and they close by 1030pm at night. i was elated to be able to step into my first H&M store here, and made sure i bought at least something! in the end, i found a peach cardigan and a pair of navy paperbag shorts phew!

Myeong dong is really huge, with shops on both sides of the streets, featuring international brands like Zara, Mango, Krispy Kreme, Forever 21, etc.

even the centre lane is also occupied by pasar-malam kind of booths. this is where i found my 10000W = $11.70 satchel bag. and this is also my biggest regret of the trip, that i did not buy another 3 more bags…

nonetheless, i was so happy with my bag! i think the same thing (albeit maybe slightly better quality) will be selling for 30 pounds on ASOS at least! ahhh why wasn’t i greedier and bought more then!!!

nvm, for this reason, i’ll be back!

by 1030pm, we were riding back to the hotel on a cab back already. best night of all the 6 nights we spent in Korea i tell you. there’s nothing i regret about that at all! (:

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