korea day 5

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shall pick off where i left off from the last entry! hope you’ve been enjoying all my detailed travel stories hee hee.

after a simple american breakfast at the Muju Tirol hotel, we were on the bus again. destination: Yongjin Everland!

wayy too crowded to get a good picture anywhere

sadly, we were warned by the tour guide that it would be impossible to finish the entire themepark today, based on the sheer volume of visitors Yongjin receives every single day. also, school kids from all over Seoul are having some sort of last minute excursions before their exams start in June- obviously very different mindset from Singaporean children haha. exam in June: whole of may is hardcore revision. where got time to go excursion?!

not forgetting the fact that Yongjin everland is MASSIVE!!! it has 5 different “Worlds” and at least 15 different attractions within each world! impossible to finish!

the guide took us to watch 2 animal shows, the Animal Wonder Stage, and the Sea Lion Stadium. Both shows were conducted in Korean, but you don’t need to understand Korean to know what was going on, since the animals were the true stars of the show!

i must say that the entertainment quality of the animal shows here are a whole lot higher than that of those in Singapore. the animals seemed to be trained to do a whole lot more tricks than usual! quite amazing. for eg, the sea lion show was a full half hr skit performed by the sea lions, with the help of their trainers of course. got like storyline and everything one eh!

after the two shows, we were given 3 hours free and easy time! but wherever you went, you had to queue for at least 1 hr for any kind of ride. so there wasn’t much we could’ve done in 3 hours.

nonetheless, we picked the Amazon Express first! a wild and wet water ride that takes you through a 580m long jungle.

looks exciting!!

waiting time was approx 1 hr gosh… so we passed the time by taking photos!

my parents looking cute in matching purple! (completely unintentional at their age)

but turned out to be hardly thrilling at all. although the good thing about it was that we were all fully zipped up in protective plastic on the float, so i stayed dry all the way till the end 😀

here's what it looks like

more more!

when we got off at the end, we were about to be interviewed by some camera crew!! but we couldn’t speak a word of korean and thus, had to pass up on the opportunity bleahhh.

after this, we went next door to the Safari World! one in which you sit in a bus with wide windows, and travel through a safari where the wild animals are allowed to roam free and come up close to you!

always loved animals and it’s my dream to visit a real wildlife safari one day in South Africa. but of course i wouldn’t miss a chance to visit one, even if it’s in the wrong country haha.

we got to sit in cute buses like these and go round the safari

first up: lions RARRR

they are so lazy, just lying around and waiting to be mated with by the limited number of males.

never been so up close with a giraffe before!

one day, a lion was tricked into mating with a tiger, and this resulted in a:

Liger! have you ever seen one before? i havent!

finally at the end, was the best saved for last: BEARS!

you wouldn’t think much of bears on a regular basis. because the ones you’ve seen are probably either sleeping or lumbering around without much care for humans who visit their enclosures.

but the Yongjin bears are DAMN COOL! the moment the bus enters their section of the safari, there’s already a bear waiting for us at the entrance and gets up to meet us!


of course the secret to this is that they’ve already been trained by the keepers, who are also the bus drivers, and whom will feed them biscuits as we pass along the safari, but only after they get up from their lazy bums and perform a trick.

every 5 metres or so, there’ll be a bear stationed there to receive their biscuits in turn for doing something cool. hahaha honestly the most entertaining animal ride i’ve been on!

they were selling so many of these animal headbands! i like!!! but was chided for impracticality every time i suggested buying one home ):

shouldve bought these home to set a new trend

the only "practical" thing that i could buy

two rides later, our 3 hours was up and we had to make our way out of Everland already ):

next up, kimchi making!

this is the number of ingredients that go into making the kimchi paste alone

with aprons donned and ready to go!

end product

looks highly unappetizing. so i wish to apologize in advance to the old folks who will be receiving the kimchi that we make…may your gut be resistant to the barrage of diarrhea that might ensue.

and just next door to the kimchi making room, was the hanbok costume area!!! was really looking forward to this actually. i mean how often do you get the chance to wear a hanbok?! gone are the days when the school celebrates Racial Harmony day, where you can claim to be of Korean descent and wear a hanbok to school.

super nice photo!!

grrr overexposed photo. totally blended into my hanbok

violent warrior

hahahaha so fun!!!! confirm the highlight of the day.

dinner that night was shabu shabu again!!! AWESOMEEE!

free flow meat and vege 😀

we checked into the Premium Hotel at Seoul that night. more cui hotel but at least it was in Seoul so we didn’t need to be trapped in the hotel all night long. the moment we put our bags down, it was a rush for the taxi to take us to Dongdaemun to finish the shopping from day 1!

explored the rest of Doota, and even had time to finish Hello APM, plus abit more shopping at Etude House and Tony Moly along the streets.

bought two cardigans, a tunic, and a work top 😀 extremely satisfied with my buys! and feels even more shiok when i managed to bargain my work top for a considerably cheaper price!

even though the shops at Dongdaemun only close at 4am, we had an early day the next day. so by 1030, we got a cab back to the hotel.

in the same tone cassy would use: cab is cheap~! it really is! it costs us 9000W = $10 for a 20 min journey from the hotel to Dongdaemun. and on the way back, it was just 5000W because the cab driver was a crazy speed demon.

although next time i’m in Seoul and have more free time, i would really want to learn how to take the subway!

ah Seoul is ❤


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