korea day 3

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the day started off with a very sumptuous breakfast buffet at ocean suites jeju hotel. the spread of food was mainly Korean, with dishes like abalone porridge (again with minuscule bits), beef bulgolgi, and green tea mountain dumpling.

but here’s an interesting looking fruit i found at the fruit bar!

it's a rambutan! in case you were wondering whose family jewels accidentally went missing

looks hardly anything like the rambutan i’m used to seeing here, but tastes the same though.

here’s another

a longan! looks more like the shaven version of the strange rambutan from above

headed straight for the airport again for our flight to Daegu. had a total of 4 plane rides this whole trip. so my fear of turbulence has successfully been reduced by 50% yay!

upon touchdown in Daegu, we were off on another tour bus to Applease Winery for a special tour about how apple wine is being made!

each of us were made to pose for a picture. after which, we were led to a wine celler, where we’d each get to fill a bottle with apple wine, cork it, and seal it. then afterwards, they’d give us a printed photo sticker of ourselves and we get to stick the label on the wine bottle. walah! personalized apple wine.

though in the end i didn’t stick my photo because i didn’t want to have to peel it out at the end and spoil it haha!

my very own apple wine, even though i barely did any of the work

they also did a cooking demonstration on how you’d make apple pie! end product turned out more like apple pancake, but tasted quite good nonetheless!

pity i dunno how to flip pancake so i think i better not try making it at home, otherwise fail.

om nom!

along with the apple pie, they also offered us free flow of wine. there was apple wine, pomegranate wine and sparkling wine (for the non-alcohol consumers). i liked the pomegranate wine the most, though got very jelat after the 2nd glass.

and the eating wasn’t over. they settled us down immediately after that for lunch. wah lao mega full already!!

chicken potato stew, with chewy vermicelli

i super loveeeee korean vermicelli! it’s slightly fatty than the local one, and always full of flavour because it’s been cooked with the gravy for a long time.

in the afternoon, the bus took us to Jungangro street, where we could enjoy a hot cup of coffee/hot chocolate, and hit the streets for more SHOPPING!

what a quaint looking coffeehouse

would’ve loved to spend a nice relaxing time idling the afternoon away but the lesson learnt from Dongdaemun is that there is simply no time to waste when given time to shop on a tour.

so the moment we were given our hot cups of coffee, CHIONG AH!!!!!

sadly, we made a wrong move by deciding to explore the underground shops first. not much interesting stuff there, though i managed to get 5000W stockings and my mum got her neck scarves. the kind ajuma who sold us the scarves also taught us how to tie it really nicely. look damn stylo milo wo. then she also helped me retie my scarf in some intricate pattern that i will probably forget the next time i ever need to use a scarf. but i took a picture for memory’s sake!

can you figure out how to tie it?

finally discovered a whole streets of awesome shopping in the last half an hour. after which it was a mad rush in and out of shops, what i’d call efficient shopping. went into tony moly, and immediately got the stuff i was eyeing before at dongdaemun:

magic tomato brightening mask! 9800W = $11.50

so far, i’ve used this twice and it’s quite easy to use. you use the applicator provided to smear the white cream all over the part you want to brighten (face, and even elbows also can), leave it on for 5-10 mins, then you can wash it off with water.

still too early to see any results but i do feel like my face looks whiter immediately after using the mask. like a glowy kind of white and not edward cullen kind of white. haha and jeremy did comment (very worriedly) that my face looks whiter than usual when i met him afterwards.

so yes, in short, i guess it works 😛

famous egg pore packs 8800W each = $10.30

i got the blackhead out (extreme left), and tightening (extreme right). first is to apply the blackhead out exfoliating gel onto your nose, and give it a good massage for 3-5 mins, then can wash with water.

next, you put the tightening pack clay-like substance onto your nose, let it harden over the next 5 to 10 mins and then can wash away with water also. basically what this does is to close the pores that were previously opened during the blackhead scrubbing step.

no significant improvement just yet, but will report back on the progess if any! they’re supposed to be good, so i guess with diligent scrubbing, i shall hope to see some results soon!

the awesome thing about shopping at these cosmetic shops in korea, is that they’re all lined up side by side on the streets. and the competition is so tough that they have to constantly give out free stuff as a tactic to lure customers into their shops and away from others.

my mum and i bought like 4 things in total, and we got almost 20 free samples, which came in really useful during the trip. my zara foundation cracked the next day, so i was thankful to have the 4 sample packs of bb cream from Tony Moly to use every day until the end of the trip.

btw my mum bought snail essence. yes, she is putting the very slime from a snail trail onto her face for skin benefits. so weird!

people were staring at us while the photo was taken. haha swagu tourists!

had some time to spare so the guys bought stuff from a shop called WH.AU but i just referred to it as wahlao for the rest of the trip hahaha.

soon it was time to bid farewell to yet another awesome shopping district that i will not get to visit again ):

last on the list of the itinerary for today was a visit to Donghwa temple.

temple grounds

we had to walk for about 10 to 15 minutes before we got up here and as we climbed further and further uphill, the temperature started to dip. and i think it was about 12 degrees in the evening at the temple.

the scenery around it is beautiful though. very quiet and serene, and i suppose, conducive for meditation.

look at all the colourful lanterns!

we were also instructed by the tour guide on how to partake in the tradition of visitors drinking the temple well’s special water for good luck and good health?

was hesitant about the hygiene of it all, but decided to suck it up and do it anyway

the water tasted, well, like water. maybe though, it will give me good luck next monday when results are released :/

drinking special water from Michelle Law on Vimeo.

hahahahaha in case you ever get the chance to visit Donghwa temple, you can give it a shot too!

such lovely scenery

btw did you know that the buddhist gods that are worshiped in this temple are male? they look exactly like guanyin, but have moustaches drawn on them to denote that they are males.

that was the only interesting bit of info i got from the tour here :/

by the time we arrived at the restaurant for diner, it was 8pm at night and freezing cold! so it was all the more comforting to settle into a hot bowl of homely beancurd soup, with rice.

with that, we checked into the Daegu Inter-exco Burgo hotel. what a mouthful haha. nothing much in the vicinity worth exploring, except for 7-11. jeremy and i were bored so we took a stroll there to have some potato chips and a can of milkis (korean ice-cream soda), before returning to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.


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