i love korea

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i can name you so many reasons why korea is the most awesome place on earth!

for one, there’s a business centre at every single hotel you stay the night at. and they have desktops for you to surf the internet for free!! as such, since the hotel i’m at now (daegu inter-burgo exco hotel), it’s miles away from any form of entertainment, and sadly, shopping. so we’re entertaining ourselves in the business room 😀

past 4 days (omg so fast alr??) were amazing. will update with many many pictures when i come back. but i must say that this is the best holiday i’ve been on. so many new experiences, so many pleasant memories.

people here are amazing as well. they’re extremely friendly and those who obviously don’t speak a word of english still try their best to help you out with whatever you need.

also, they look amazing. i get distracted on the streets not by shopping, but by the number of beautiful people. male AND female! the women, though not as pretty as the ones you see on television, still score an above average of 7 out of 10.

weather is PERFECT! i want to live here forever and never go back to stuffy hot Singapore!

oh gosh i have so much to say but i need to head back and pack for the Spa tomorrow. blog again soon!!!

p.s. Korea is 1 hour ahead of singapore. and for a tour package holiday, the day starts at around 7am or 8am every day. so, SG time speaking, it means i’m sleeping at 1030pm everyday and waking up at 530am then next day. siao!


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