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was at gen’s house the Tuesday that passed. i had nothing planned the entire day and she said she’d be cooking, so i ended up inviting myself over to offer some very generous help eating the food.

hee hee wasn’t a bad idea to spend the day after all because i managed to pick up a couple of tips about cooking!

also helped out in the cutting of vegetables for the soup. first time using a vegetable peeler in my life and i was deathly afraid i’d accidentally shave off a piece of my skin and start bleeding like crazy and faint.

turns out the only kitchen accident we had, happened to gen.

see the thing about gen’s highclass sink is that it has a highclass tap that allows you to collect boiling hot water direct from it! pretty cool right? well after MS had blanched the pork with the hot water, gen wanted to wash her hands. so she switched it back to the cool water, but it did not occur to her that some boiling hot water would still be in the pipe.

long story short, she ended up blanching her hand for a second before leaping skyhigh.

hahahaha the events that followed afterwards didn’t seem so funny at that time (but now they do) because the atmosphere was pretty tense. a combination of the burning pain you get after a scald (been there. not fun), and MS’s own brand of  “Singaporean parent” fussing- just think how your own parents would get extremely angry when you fell down or hurt yourself accidentally as a kid, and i was convinced gen was going to burst into tears at any moment then.

but she didn’t phew. instead, the trauma of the whole incident gave her orthostatic hypotension and soon she began to see the same black spots i saw when i was witnessing that traumatic wound cleaning procedure 4 years ago at TTSH prior to fainting afterwards… so now, chubby cannot judge me for fainting.

ya, sucks that it took 4 years to convince just one person that fainting is justified.

after lying down for 15 mins, she felt better and was back in the kitchen again trying to help out despite her edematous hand.

all the agony wasn’t for nothing though. MS took over as head chef and cooked up a storm! let me try to recall what we had:

1. omelette with onions and prawns

2. bits of fried egg with gu cai (angmoh name is chives)

3. cheese tofu, tau kwa, and leek

4. chicken with capsicum (i learnt how to slice one!!)

5. portobello mushrooms, some other chinese mushroom, and…ok my memory has failed me

all in all, we had a very enjoyable lunch! gen, her sister, and their boyfriends, and me! hahaha not extra at all. it was a very grown up meal too! we discussed alot of pressing issues about society, like why nat passed out in Butter Fact and lost all her valuables. and i was giving pharmacist health education about how many eggs you can eat a day that doesn’t give you high cholesterol.

awesome company, awesome food (:


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