annyeong haseyo!

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harro KOREA!!!!!

at terminal 2 now waiting for my flight at 2240 to the land of plastic but very beautiful people. haha don’t worry, not alot of free and easy time in Seoul so i wont be one of those people who come back from Korea with eyes twice their initial size.

looking forward to a nice relaxing time out of Singapore in the cool Spring weather. was suffering very much the past few days due to the blazing heat, which was also part of the “repent” conspiracy theory. i voted right ok, so i get to escape tee hee!

ok i know i’ll regret saying this soon because i’m extremely intolerant of low temperatures. it’s not that low in Korea right now (12-18 deg), but i was already miserable and freezing in Genting. so we’ll see how i fare this time. on the bright side though, i bet i’ll be so distracted with all the shopping i would hardly care about my freezing hands! and if it gets bad, i have an excuse to buy leather gloves HAHA

just kidding..


will promise to take lots of pictures and blog about it afterwards! see you guys in 8 days!!! 😀


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  1. 12-18 YOU WON’T NEED GLOVES LA PLZ! It’s autumn in Perth n I’m wearing the shorts I wear in school 😛 although if I’m out at night it’ll be colder


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