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now that exams are over, i finally found the time to buy the EF50mm f/1.8 II telephoto lens for Ritz, which by the way, is the name of my Canon 1000D. cost me $123 (quoted $159 on the Canon website) thanks to mum’s connections. awesomeee (:

had alot of fun after playing with it!! feels so amazing to be able to take photos with the blurry background! and the subject feels like it’s really popping out at me because it’s SO CLEAR! has always been a fantasy of mine to be able to take these photos.

our dinner that night! katong laksa yumz

when jeremy was studying at coffeebean and i was taking a vision break from reading with ritz lol!

almost forgot i had this sepia mode!

teaching jeremy how to trick autofocus into focusing on the minor subject

ahh so much fun! the only thing that i need getting use to is the fact that i can’t adjust the zoom. and the subject always seems to appear way too close in the photo. the guy who sold me the lens said it’s mainly for taking portrait shots. so i’ll have to start figuring out where is the best shooting distance.

but time is on my side now, and so i will aim to master telephoto-taking skillz it before i go to korea on friday!

sunset in the east, taken with the normal lens of course

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